The Samsung Galaxy S4 Firmware Reference in Galaxy S3 Mini – Latest News

Appear more evidence that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is near.The analysis of the lines of code in a firmware revision Mini Samsung Galaxy S3 has resulted in the discovery of two new references , among which includes the Samsung GT-I9505 .That it would be the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

samsung galaxy s4 leaked

We have already mentioned in previous publications that the Samsung mobile phone Galaxy S4 will identified by reference GT-I9500.Although it would make sense that they were of the GT-I9400 reference since the Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 is, the fact is that in South Korea the number four is considered bad luck so they would have opted for the following numbering. However, this time there is a slight variation, GT-I9505, which is motivated for differentiation model connectivity with HSDPA + LTE model.

More clues about the S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked in China

What can bring Samsung to include a few lines of code firmware Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini referring to a new model? It may be an indication that the mark test and device software adapted to the new smartphone, which in this case it would be the Samsung Galaxy S4. Maybe if another terminal would not have any impact, but in the case of one of the most anticipated, the news has spread like wildfire on the Internet .

Somehow we can relate this leak with the proximity of the presentation of the fourth generation of Samsung Galaxy S devices About that time has been speculated that it could come at CES in Las Vegas, during the course of the Mobile World Congress or the most accepted so far, at an event scheduled by the firm itself this summer. However, the possible threat of a 5S iPhone earlier this year could advance the plans of the South Koreans and the leak does nothing but support the hypothesis

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