LG Optimus L9 Review, Analysis and Opinion

lg optimus l9

If we talk about a phone with careful design, 4.7-inch screen and a battery of 2,150 milliamps , one might think that this is a device that a manufacturer wants to play in the competition for high-end phones. Similarly, if we spoke of a phone with five megapixel camera that also equips a dual core processor with a frequency of GHz and offers only four GB of internal memory , the idea that this device enclavase within what is considered mid-range would be reasonable.

However, all these features are focused on the same smartphone , the  LG Optimus L9 , which makes it difficult to categorize within the panorama of smart phones . We are at the last device manufacturer presented South Korean device family for the L series . The  LG Optimus L9 runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich , although at present it is not known when it will come to the market and what price will.

Other features of the  LG Optimus L9 can be summarized by citing its thickness of 9.1 millimeters , its balanced and standardized-profile connections with Wi-Fi, aGPS, 3G or Bluetooth – integrated or dutiesQMemo, Qtranslator and My Style Keyboard .

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