GTA 5 on PlayStation 3 – Grand Theft Auto V Shows Parachute Jumping and Motorcycle Racing

gta v release

Grand Theft Auto V shows motorcycle racing, parachute jumping and tennis courts. Rockstar Games released three new images of the sandbox, which remains the official release date.

Rockstar Games keeps quiet about Grand Theft Auto V , does not say a single word, simply send images from their website. The last three screenshots show motorcycle racing for land outside the city, parachute jumps by the mountains of Los Santos and even for playing tennis in the most wealthy of the city.

With these catches in addition to three in this week focused on vehicles can be considered additional several developments are confirmed for the game that will probably translate into minigames. It seems that Grand Theft Auto V will follow the steps of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas as far as regards gaming possibilities.

Grand Theft Auto V (5) – Screen Shots

GTA 5 parachute

GTA 5 motorcycle racing

GTA 5 tennis court

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