Neo Geo X Gold: $200 for Neo Geo Games to Replay

Neo Geo X Gold Console

The Neo Geo console has always been an elitist. Soon, rather than download for cheap Neo Geo games on current consoles, you can buy the Neo Geo Gold X, a handheld console preloaded with 20 games period.

The Neo Geo console mythical (and expensive) for 90 years, will rise from the ashes in a hybrid version, portable and fixed. A new version goes on sale in the United States on December 6. Almost nothing has changed: it is still expensive ($ 200 to play old games), and can be replayed on the console Neo Geo X Gold to twenty 16-bit games of the time, pre-installed: Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown II, King of Fighters …

The Neo Geo X Gold, distributed by Tommo, have a 4.3 inch screen and can connect to a TV via an HDMI port.

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