Google Buying the Frommer’s Travel Guides

The Frommer travel service will be included in Zagat, The Spanish Bernardo Hernandez takes its direction

Google seeks to provide content to your social network, Google +. The purchase of travel guides Frommer’s is another step to make your space the place of consultation before leaving home. The amount has not been made ​​public, but known to be integrated with the dining service reviews Zagat, acquired in September last year .

frommers travel guide

Bernardo Hernandez, managing director of product / COUNTRY

With this purchase Google wants to provide content to your social network in two aspects: thematic and geographical. For starters, they will go beyond mere criticism and recommendation gastronónica culinary offerings. But above all, embrace the idea of ​​being truly global and to finally focus beyond the United States.

Hernandez celebrates the acquisition: “We will grow faster in quality and coverage. The sum of the two services will help users not only to have updated information and quality, but also to make better purchase decision.” The manager confirmed that the core brand will continue to be Zagat: “Frommer’s will be included in Zagat, but will gain in power and theme.”

The history of both services, where the critical customer and participation are essential, has some points in common.The two began as a personal project, like a cross between craft and amateur work, which ended up being the main work of their creators.

Zagat was born in 1979 as a guide made by marriage and Mina Tim Zagat. At the time of the acquisition by Google accounted for more than 10 million customer ratings and professional critics worldwide.

Arthur Frommer in 1957 founded a series of books, of modest appearance, similar to the novels pulp, with advice for Americans who visit Europe decided to spend less than five euros a day. Dating, of course, a pre-euro era, in which this budget sounded realistic. That is precisely one of the keys, Frommer’s is not associated with luxury products, but a good value.

In the present case have more than 300 destinations. In 2001 the group bought Wiley. It was then enhanced its web advertising deals and ideas associated plans. It also has mobile applications for various destinations.

Among the aspects of the operation that have not yet been defined is the future of this collection in print and if workers are being integrated into the search template. Although it appears that such will be part of final negotiations.

frommers travel guide services

Google’s goal in this area is to stand up to Facebook. The decision to have both Zagat as Frommer’s due to the need to detach confidence information. Hernandez emphasizes its commercial interests: “Consumers want truthful, with phone numbers and addresses current. This is how you can take the step of converting purchase intentions into action.”

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