The iPhone 5 will Show More Icons on the Screen

new Apple iphone 5

The face that they would be many in case Apple introduce the iPhone 5 without showing a screen of four inches , with a 16:9 ratio instead of 3:2 as we know it would be a poem. And there are so many and the signs pointing to the presence of a new panel in the next phone firm Cupertino that, although no official data about it, no one firm raises the fact that the company California repeat with the classic 3.5-inch display with resolution of 960 x 640 pixels.

iphone 5 big screen

Today we continue in this line, and that through the fourth version of the Beta Developer iOS 6 have been uncovered more evidence of the existence of a panel like that, has been established so far for the  iPhone 5 . As we have known through 9to5Mac , Apple would have been testing with IOS with IOS 5.1 and 6 , rushing in the latter case the effective space that would give him the new phone would see in the coming weeks to accommodate a total of five rows of icons on the main desktop system. So far, we have seen in the interface of the platform were about four rows of four columns, and the bottom row with four shortcuts to the most frequent applications to the user.

However, in order to exploit the new screen resolution of which there has been talk – 1,136 x 640 pixels , using the expansion along that would be given to the new panel 3.99 inches – the guys at the firm the apple have tested to see how are the five columns on the screen of icons. The result is not bad, and certainly not the impression of mottling or clumping together, quite the opposite in the case of the classic choice to four rows on the same canvas, showing too much air and holes in the distribution .

New iPHone 5

With this, as we say, keep up the sum and still considering coming to the new screen of the iPhone 5 .So far, besides the size and resolution, it has been suggested that technology would have been used for manufacturing. Thus speak of the system called In-Cell , a type of panel that would develop Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi in Japan Display the consortium , and whose peculiarity is the possibility of excellent levels of light, and managing to significantly reduce its thickness.

Precisely the latter would have gotten the iPhone 5 range, a total of about 7.9 mm profile, aiming for launch to be among the thinnest end of the sector. Thinness that would have been, however, a number of collateral damage. Physical connections, for example, would have had to adapt to the new phone tipín.Thus, the port dock is expected to be smaller, going from a 30-pin socket to a 19 pin . Furthermore, with this, other changes would also, finding a new location for the headphone jack , which would not be in the top of the terminal, but down.

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