Apple and Samsung Technology Patent War

The two multinational cross crawl demands in different countries in their struggle for supremacy in the business enterprise mobile technology.
The technology market is witnessing a train wreck between the two giants of the business. Apple and Samsung are embroiled in a time now in a legal battle to be today in federal court in San Jose American, California, his next ‘ round ‘.

One way or another, it is not clear that this legal framework will be the end of the war of accusations of a company against the other and vice versa, by the use of technology patents.

In this case, the U.S. company which seeks compensation of 2,028 million euros to its South Korean rival by “choose to compete by copying” illegally within the device market smartphones and ‘tablets’. Samsung is specifically accused of using technology iPad and iPhone to create their phones Galaxy range and 10.1N Tab .
Meanwhile, Samsung also has sued the company in Palo Alto with the intention of paying the ‘royalty’ and calls for a 2.4% rate of “total sale price” of Apple’s mobile products. The documentation submitted reveals that they are patents that Samsung agreed to license to competitors under fair and reasonable, in exchange for adopting the technology as industry standard.judicial historyis not the first time that Apple and Samsung are the faces to a court. There are ten countries where both companies are fronts for the same cause.
And something similar happened a few days in Europe, in Germany exactly when Apple appealed to a court Germanic to Galaxy Tab7.7 sales of Samsung to become paralyzed. The judge in the case ruled in favor of the company on the block, giving the option to the other party to the filing of appeal, but today the launch of the product in Europe is still prohibited for violation of intellectual rights.

Across the world, in Australia , on Monday started another procedure on the same act. The two companies also have conflicting interests in Oceania in relation to the illegal copying of patents. The examining magistrate launched legal proceedings for both litigants present their evidence. Since April 2011 that began the legal battle the scales of justice has opted on the side of the South Korean company, which won, this time, that the judgment will be favorable and the sale of its Galaxy Tab 10.1N not remain restricted this territory.

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