London 2012 Pole vault: Google jumps with his Olympic Doodle

london 2012 pole vault

London 2012 pole vault is the sport that Google honors today with one of his famous doodles. The popular search engine returns to bet on one of the minority sports that take place in the 2012 London Olympics . It is the ninth day that Google celebrated with one of his famous pictures holding the games.If on Friday’s turn London 2012 pole vault , now comes the turn to London 2012, a sport that requires great technique and is very spectacular, getting up athletes. Do you remember yesterday’s Shot Put ?.This happened to those of Field Hockey , Fencing , Trampoline and Archery . Remember that the first of the series of London was dedicated to the Opening Ceremony of London 2012 . The latter is not referred to London 2012 was that of the brilliant Amelia Earhart , the famous American adventurer. In July and had also that of Gustav Klimt in its fullness with ‘The Kiss’. Before that we go back to May and witty doodle dedicated to Alan Turing . During this time, Google has been working on a few others nationwide in certain countries, but let’s review the latest in global scope: Peter Carl Faberge was one of his deliveries. Not long before we dance to the beat of Robert Mogg . And we are delighted with the Tutankhamun’s tomb discovered by Howard Carter . The large colorful graffiti art of Keith Haring filled us with the screen brightness. Ramon y Cajal Spanish brought us another fully. But without doubt one of the most impact was the opening of Google , as a zip by the Swedish inventor Gideon Sundback . We aim here some very special: the Earth Day so special as we try now to our own planet. The photogenic Robert Doisneau us back to Paris anatño. And remember also doodle Eadweard J. Muybridge . The list of ‘gifts’ before week was very fruitful, since the typical abrcaba our of the Constitution of the Pepa , until another holiday like the celebration of Spring . After Google released worldwide on the Spanish painter Juan Gris . And we also see the seriousness architectural Mies van der Rohe . And this second day of August, in this Youtube video shows the Doodle Jump Pole Vault 2012 London :

London 2012 pole vault floods the home page of Google in a big blue sky where you can read the word Google . Although the term is halved, the search engine users may feel that it is the company logo.Furthermore, although the letters appear in black, remains below them the color that normally corresponds to each letter in the Google logo. Later you see an athlete who is about to go through the top of the bar, after jumping to the pole. The athlete wears long hair, which gives the sensation of movement in this new doodle. This scene takes place in a stadium full of spectators looks to encourage the athlete.
London 2012 pole jump is to jump as high as possible, so this sport is like the high jump. The difference between the high jump and pole vault is in the second, obviously, athletes help of a pole to jump. For the high jump, athletes only use their bodies to perform the exercise. London 2012 Athletes Pole Vault have a great technique, as well as the exercise itself, must take into account how they handle the pole, leading to a high concentration, since this usually has a length of 4 to 5 meters .
London 2012 pole vault will be one of the most spectacular evidence that can be witnessed in the Olympics. In the men will be present Steven Hooker, who was Olympic champion in the last OlympicsBeijing 2008 . Rivals await you and want to qualify for a distinguished place in the medals are Russian and Ukrainian Sergey Kucheryanu Denys Yurchenko. They then both have the potential to become champions.
London 2012 pole vault also has Spanish. Igor Bychkov attempt to approach his personal best of 5.60 meters. A brand for which training has been thoroughly and which could give us one of the medals he craves our country.
London 2012 Jump pole also has a female category. While Yelena Isinbayeva’s favorite, this was loose in the tests conducted before the Olympics. Isinbayeva’s world record holder and Olympic champion pole.Another woman who has many potential winner out of the Olympics is Fabiana Murer, Brazilian and world champion. Although Beijing Murer was tenth in 2008, hopes that these games all do better.
London 2012 pole vault has had great stars throughout its history. Its golden age was spent in the eighties. In 1988, Ukrainian Serguéu Bubka became the first athlete who overcame six feet high.Although later, he left the world record 6.14 meters outdoors (outdoor) and 6.15 m indoors (indoor).

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