Sony Xperia GX ‘Hayabusa’ international Versions – New Pictures Released

Sony is one of the few manufacturers that has not announced a giant launch for this year 2012. The rest of the companies presented their devices with quad-core processor and all the most powerful features available today. Instead, the top end of Sony at the moment is the Xperia S. When they announced a better one, the Xperia GX, he was surprised the market exclusively for Nippon. However, many new data have dropped from an almost obvious that also ship internationally. Again, some pictures, give strength to this possibility.

sony xperia GX hayabusa

The photos do not give us any new data on the device itself, in essence, could be the same as the Japanese version. However, there are some variations from the Asian version which are very obvious clues that the motive we see is actually to be launched in the rest of the world, both in America and Europe.

For starters, the Japanese version, what we saw at the top of the device was the logo of NTT DoCoMo, the Japanese operator, while the Sony logo appeared on the bottom. In the images shown, no longer appears the logo of the Japanese operator, but the Sony, while below it is the emblem of Xperia Z.

Moreover, the version already sold between the Nipponese have a FeliCa logo below the LED flash, As long as you that in this model, that logo does not appear.

sony xperia gx hayabusa

Finally, the picture that shows the About menu of the phone, we find that the version of the Android operating system is 4.0.4, while this device came with Gingerbread, and was then updated, which gives us a clue this is a different version than that available in Japan. They are just new tracks which reinforce the option of the Sony Xperia LT29i ‘Hayabusa’ out in the rest of the world as an international version.

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