Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Ten Reasons to Upgrade to the New Android

android 4.1 jelly bean

At this point, we do not doubt that Google , with its operating system Android , has revolutionized the world of mobile intelligent. Soon, the green robot platform has become the most widely used market . The fact is that most brands are committed to introducing Android in virtually all its terminals, saving Apple , Nokia or BlackBerry , firms continue to operate on the media’s saying I cook it, I eat it . In fact, each of these companies develop their own operating system, except for Nokia in recent times, in addition to betting on Symbian also does it for Windows Phone , the platform of Microsoft . In any case, you will be aware that Google has released a new version of its operating system is not yet available in the main devices .

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Announcement

In fact it is so new, that so far has not made ​​its triumphant appearance, but will do so soon, just in the middle of next August. But why should I upgrade my phone to Android 4.1 ? Then we tell you ten reasons by those who happen to find advantageous Jelly Bean .

1) It is faster, flexible and accessible . How could it be otherwise, the latest version of Android (in this case Jelly Bean ) is superior in point of performance. This time also the operating system has gained in agility and softness, for now move files and move each home screen is much easier and natural. In this sense, Google has improved in a patent the operating system performance (in general) and the orientation changes, access to applications and all device functions. Finally, the tactile response is much more sensitive due to improvements in the CPU.

2) Transferring files is easier . The new Android Beam allow us to share pictures and videos from device to device a virtually instantaneously. Thus, we can also make payments over the phone or tablet through technology Bluetooth and a secure payment system.

3) The browser has gained efficiency . Installing the new version of Android 4.1 will be easier to navigate, since the device’s browser has improved performance and efficiency, thanks to a substantial increase in memory. The animations will be displayed in a more alive, the pages will load faster and work in a more smooth. The browser in question includes HTML5 video support and an updated version Javiascript engine (V8). In this way, just play the video to play or pause the transition. The use, without doubt, be much more intuitive.

4) The calendar is truly complete . For users who use their smartphone as a mobile office, the calendar is a tool almost basic. Ultimately, the softness is enhanced when access to different functions, with a paging between actual days. Also enhanced the event call (it’s easier to invite many people with one touch) and send answers fast or default. Android 4.1 allows a configuration adapted depending on whether we are using the calendar via a smartphone or a tablet.

5) More functions in the camera and gallery . Yes, the camera and display system / multimedia playback has improved by far. The photos can be reviewed in a faster, without having to exit the camera application, and also choose different types of review of photos in the gallery. Now also you can remove all the photos with one touch, facilitating organizational tasks, or focus on an object more accurately.Unlocking facial is also faster and more accurate, with the ability to identify our faces with various accessories (hat, sunglasses, scarf …) or flicker.

android 4.1 jelly bean

6) More support for other languages ​​. Android will become a much more international. Jelly Bean supports bidirectional text and input languages, making this platform in a more accessible for everyone. It includes the ability to enter text into 18 languages, now including Persian, Indian and Thai.

7) There are many full keyboards . Dictionaries are now more accurate and keyboards, predictive. Now it is possible to switch languages ​​quickly and customize the text entry to over 20 by selecting any of the following keyboards: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak, Colemak and PC. Each user can use the one you find most comfortable.

8) Notifications direct and grouped . The notifications have been redesigned and grouped, with the possibility of expanding the elements very easily. Also we can expand and contract notifications pinching on the screen to preview images and share files from this menu.

9) It is easier to pick up calls . With Jelly Bean miss a call and not become a drama. The new notifications are used to return a missed call or respond via SMS with a single touch. The dial pad is also more sensitive and the call log looks much more fluid. It is also easier to keep new phone numbers and clean on a frequent list of calls.

10) Many free applications . Android is being subscribed to guarantee free access to the large universe of applications that Google has in place. Thus, you will have functions or tools as important as: People (People), Google Search, Google Now, Google Apps (Google +, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Maps, Currents) and Google Play (Books, Music, Movies).

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