The iPhone 5 Would Have a Thinner Cell Screen – Report

iphone 5 screen

New rumors tell us about the characteristics of the display of thiPhone 5 to come. To date we have said many times that Apple may be considering expanding the size of the screen, from the classic 3.5 inch to 4 , in the wake of the vast majority of smartphones currently leading in the market. This time we have to discuss new information that have emerged in the half The Verge , as the latest rumors claim that the new iPhone 5 will have a much finer screen than usual. In this sense, it seems that Apple will use a new cell technology to produce a thinner panel, thereby reducing the thickness of your star andcompete with some good points more under design. All this information has been backed once again byThe Wall Street Journal .

iphone 5 news

Indeed, the U.S. newspaper is one that is firmly committed to this new rumor. It is expected that the use of cells in the touch screen can significantly reduce the thickness of the new iPhone , offering a lookmuch more stylish and much lighter handling, detail please fans of the comfortable, although very finally bet on an increase in dimensions of the screen . In fact, several sources say that Apple will not expand the size in width, but will produce a more comprehensive phone reaches 4 inches and offers a 16:9 resolution . Everything will look. For now, news outlets in Taiwan support this theory since last April, betting also by the integration of new panels made of cells . Moreover, changes are also expected in the crystal device . But what’s new in this regard?

iphone 5 update

Well, the iPhone 4S features a screen with several layers of LCD . Reportedly, the new manufacturing process will eliminate some layers and introduce new touch sensors within the same screen LCD , which would not prevent significantly reduce the resulting thickness. In any case, is expected to be the Japanese company Sharp is responsible for the manufacture of new screens. Some media say the firm is already carrying out the production of panels for supply to companies who work for Apple and mount the screens on the devices. For now, Apple has not provided data that may provide clues in this regard.However, it should consider all the rumors so far have sounded and marry well with the supposed intentions of Cupertino .

A few weeks ago, we talked about the possible use of a new metal alloy called Liquid Metal , which would reduce considerably the dimensions of the device and so forceful change the look of the device. Are you starting a new era under the leadership of Tim Cook ?

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