Ouya Android Console Completes its Funding – at KickStarter

ouya console funding


The Android desktop device  now exceeds two million dollars raised through Kickstarter

The console based on Android will cost $ 99 has reached its funding Kickstarter , platform crowdfunding more popular today. The project Ouya achieved its goal, $ 950,000 within hours.

The main attraction of this home console is that it is fully open and any developer can create a game and sell it within the digital platform of the device. Ouya has already raised more than two million dollars and still has 28 days ahead to continue raising money. Nearly 19,000 people support the project, a figure which will undoubtedly increase.

“All consoles are Ouya development kit at a time. No need to buy a license or face a development kit. It has been built on Android, so that developers already know how it works “comment from the company behind the project on its website Kickstarter .

Managers believe that Ouya can change the current model of development of AAA titles , since anyone can develop their own game in his room, “as in the old days.”

Developers set their own prices but the only requirement by Ouya is to have a minimum free game from a demo to a free-to-playmicrotransactions work with.

The console runs on Android 4.0, with a quad-core processor Tegra3, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. Include WiFi, Bluetooth and can connect to TV via HDMI cable to run at 1080p HD qeu. You will also have a USB output.

The designer Yves Behar has joined the project and is taking care of designing the control console, which can be seen in the page. The pad has a similar style to Xbox 360 , with two analog sticks, buttons and a d -pad. Also include a sensor tácil , for mobile games and tablets Ouya can enter and will be connected to the console wirelessly.

Although not yet know the initial contents of Ouya, founder promises the presence of Minecraft and Twitch.TV . Developers also known have shown their support, as the designer of Journey , the developer of Wasteland 2 or the original creator of Prince of Persia .

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