Surface Tablet Update: Microsoft Reassures Partners on the Tablet “Surface”

Microsoft Sirface steve balmer wpc

On the occasion of the “Worldwide Partner Conference,” Steve Balmer has reassured its partners surprised by the announcement of the existence of the tablet surface. Some companies including Acer and HP have not really enjoyed this little cachoterie. He wished to clarify the intentions of the company by developing two particular points. The first reason, Microsoft has developed in secret the surface and the second will include how the shelf space in the Windows 8 ecosystem .

Steve Balmer says, “We work on surface for a while, but it’s a story that can only be told in its entirety. And our team did a great job, and I think it was important to do a good job. We must be certain of having a single device at the tip that could really show the capabilities of Windows 8. Thus, our team did a good job of keeping the secret”.

We could keep a few secrets for the future. There are many advantages to working in the public being less exposed than we were sometimes. But size is just a concept design. It has a distinct place in the broad Windows ecosystem.

And the importance of thousands of partners who have designed and produced for Windows computers will not be diminished. We have a common goal with our OEM partners to offer the market a variety of solutions, Windows computers, telephones, tablets, servers. And every consumer, every business customer can say “I have the perfect PC for me.”

And we are excited by the work of our partners. We may sell a few million, I do not know how many of the 375 million (for Windows computers provided in 2012), but we need partners for this diversity. We are excited about the work done by our partners on Windows 8, … “

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