Windows 8 will be Available in October 2012

windows 8 available in October

The U.S. computer giant has formalized Monday, the new version of its Windows operating system will be marketed in October 2012. How to update? Three versions of the system will be available, but their prices have in however not been unveiled, Windows 8, Windows 8 pro and Windows Pro RT.

People who bought a PC with Windows 7 after June 2 will be updating to $23.

For others, the upgrade from Windows XP, Vista and 7 will be available for download for 29.99 euros . A promotional offer, valid until January 31, 2013. The significant new change of style at Microsoft starts with a logo change . The former four-color gives way to a window, full blue.

But the big news is its interface: Metro . It is tactile: a click or a tap on the screen enough to reveal a keyboard, scroll and zoom with your fingers, voice recognition … everything is a reflection of how a smartphone, although it remains usable with keyboard and mouse.

It’s still the end of an era that had begun under Windows 95, since the “Start” button in bottom left of the screen is bowing out. It gives way to the Start screen, ie the interface Metro.

Interface, undoubtedly inspired by Windows Phone, which is in the form of mosaic icons: the “tiles”, giving access to applications.

A new interface that is accompanied by new applications, which want more visual, as the application Travel: 360 ° slideshows, interconnected information, ticket purchase possible …
“Wallet” new service door- currency Digital sees the day. A service to manage multiple cards simultaneously: credit cards, credit cards and other loyalty cards.
100,000 application are already available for purchase on the Windows Market Place.

Those are the most dramatic improvements. In addition, the system will be faster ignition and has several improvements (on the copy, the task manager but also the new version of Internet Explorer 10). A market in which Microsoft intends to remain leader Distributed simultaneously in 109 countries, the new system is available in 231 languages. But Windows 7 is not provided underground. The operating system released in 2009 has sold 630 million copies. This is the operating system that a team of two computer in business, according to Microsoft. For comparison, it sold only 26 million Mac OS X Lion, the latest from Apple.

2 responses to “Windows 8 will be Available in October 2012

    • yes, it is. Windows 8 is the new version for the famous and familiar windows family operating systems. SO, don’t take it lightly and get your copy as soon as possible. Thanks for the Feedback

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