Hp Slate 500 Tablet: HP will not Hook the Train with Windows 8 RT

hp slate 500 tablet

HP will take part in the adventure though Windows 8, but will limit its focus to digital tablets for the pros. It will focus on this effect on the x86 architecture, at the expense of ARM.

HP will be very front row seat to the entrance on stage of Windows 8 , segregate, but initially referred to its single architecture x86 .

There is no question, at least until further notice, to realize the proposed alliance with Qualcomm to manufacture tablets ARM .

The new competition from Microsoft on the niche, with the range area , she curbed the enthusiasm of manufacturers?

HP prefers to focus on all terminals professional class.

Officially, software portability, optimum on x86 (better compatibility with current PC) and more risky for ARM, is the primary factor considered to bring about this reorientation.

More informally, Bloomberg mentioned licenses RT implementation of Windows (version dedicated to ARM processors) three times more expensive than a conventional Windows 8, in this case at $ 90 per unit.

Which would not allow OEMs to generate sufficient margin.

Microsoft would thus deliberately undertaken to set fire to the powder to deter its partners – some of long standing – to get into the marketing of ARM.

HP has acknowledged and has also reminded the reality of unsuccessful initiative on the segment of digital tablets, with its TouchPad and WebOS operating system.

It’s a safe bet that other OEMs taken by default Microsoft will follow suit, leaving the field open to the surface only to preach to the faithful service of ARM with the consumer.

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