Chrome for iOS – Why Chrome iOS is better than Safari for iOS

Safari is Apple‘s browser, by default it is installed on Mac OS X and iOS. If the program itself is not bad and is quite fast, usually to view websites, it lacks some ideas, discoveries and other small ergonomic subtleties into a browser that will never leave. Unfortunately, the offer of “web browsers” is pretty locked on iOS. What we did indeed doubt, last May, the possible launch of Chrome in the mobile operating system from Google.
On the occasion of its developer conference, Google I / O, the search giant has launched Chrome for iOS . We installed it out of curiosity. Results? We understand why he is among the most downloaded applications on the App Store these days. Here at least six good reasons to take the plunge and not go back.
chrome for iOS

Chrome for iOS Homepage – Menu Page

Chrome for iOS – Homepage:

Since the iPhone OS 1, Safari has evolved, it has been enriched functions. However, he does not like Chrome quick access via the homepage or a new tab, open the back pages or even closed. A very convenient way, as with Opera Mini, quickly find the sites where we’ll regularly.

Chrome for iOS – Demonstration:

Chrome for iOS

Chrome for iOS Demonstration – Chrome in Action

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