‘taikonaut’ Landed – China Successfully Completes its First Mission with a Woman ‘taikonaut’

The Chinese spacecraft “Shenzhou IX ‘, launched into space on the 16th , returned to Earth after successfully completing the first space docking carried out manually China.

chinese spacegraft woman 'taikonaut'

The three ‘astronauts’ salute after landing. | Reuters

As reported by Xinhua, the ship landed at 10.00 local time (04.00 CET Spanish) in a landing zone located in Siziwang County, north of the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia (northern China), where they landed above the eight previous series spacecraft ‘Shenzhou’.

After 13-day mission, astronauts Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang and Liu Yang, the latter the first Chinese woman  ‘taikonaut’ to travel into space , returned home in “good condition”, as could attest to the team doctor who attended the land.

Besides doctors, three marines ships and various helicopters were deployed to the place where he finished his journey on ‘Shenzhou IX’. After landing in a deep blue sky and the eyes of Chinese leaders and Prime Minister Wen Jiabao , attentive to the event from the Aerospace Control Center in Beijing, the crew confirmed his good health even from inside the capsule: “We back, and we are good. ”

The ‘astronauts’, as has been nicknamed the cosmonauts in the Asian country (‘taikong’ means ‘space’ in Mandarin) , were greeted with a short ceremony, after getting adapted to the gravity of Earth and begin to leave the ship, an hour after landing.

Health Screening

The veteran and commander of the ship I Haipeng was the first out of the capsule, with a big smile , who imitated his companion and military Li Wang, the second to leave the spacecraft, followed by the only woman on board, and first Chinese to travel to the cosmos, Liu Yang, 34.

Yang was the last to leave the ‘Shenzhou IX’ one and a half after the spacecraft touched down and, unlike its peers, managed to stand a few seconds before being helped to sit by the medical team. The three cosmonauts will be moved to Beijing after undergoing appropriate medical examinations ambulance helicopter landing area.

Since Friday, the crew of ‘Shenzhou IX’ has marked a milestone in China after successful completion of the fourth manned mission conducted by the Asian country and get to make the first links between a Chinese ship manuals and space module ‘Tiangong I ‘, seeds of future space station the Asian giant.

“This achievement has had a very important significance for China’s space race “, said today the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, in the Aerospace Control Center in Beijing.

chinese first spacecraft Shenzhou 9

China the third country able to carry astronauts into space (the first in 2003), wants to demonstrate its space program that is able technologically to work on a permanent basis in the cosmos , in response to the reluctance of countries like the U.S. to participate in International Space Station (ISS).

The country expects to install its first laboratory in 2016 and available space at the end of this decade, a permanent basis.

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