Google Maps Enterprise Co-ordinate – Google Launched a Version of Maps for Business Computers

google map enterprise coordinate

Google Recently launched Google Maps Enterprise Coordinate

Google has introduced Google Maps Enterprise Coordinate, a new tool to organize teams on the fly.The new service is aimed at companies that, as the Internet giant, “can save time and restore power as quickly as possible.”

Research firm IDC estimates there will be more than 1.3 million “mobile workers” in 2015, or, in other words, 37.2 percent of all workers.

Google Maps Coordinate is designed to improve communication between companies and employees working outside the office. Workers only have to install this application on the phone so that administrators can geolocalize and so better manage their mobile fleet resources.

Once employees are working outside the office can share their location in real time or record data, from measures of customer contacts directly from your application. For his part, appointed a new distributor in the office can create teams, manage jobs and obtain other data to make decisions.

Google Maps Coordinate “combines the power of Google’s mapping technologies with modern smartphones to assist organizations to assign jobs and deploy staff more efficiently,” said the company’s blog.

Any company can sign up for Google Maps Coordinate. Designed to work “perfectly” with Google Enterprise Maps and Earth, and comes with an API that can integrate with any existing systems.

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