Foxconn CEO Said: The iPhone 5 will put the Galaxy S III in “Shame”

foxconn Ceo on iphone 5

Probably will not have the slightest idea who I speak when I say Terry Gou , but if I tell the CEO of Foxconn , things will change. Foxconn is the Chinese company that manufactures the iPhone (and had so much trouble for the suicides of employees).

We know that Apple is one of the most reserved when talking about their new products and the CEO of China did not hesitate to talk about the next iPhone at a meeting of shareholders. In the meeting said that the iPhone 5 will put the new phone from Samsung , the Galaxy S III, “in shame” .

Clearly, Apple did not give the green light to Gou to discuss the new smartphone that they are preparing.

Luckily for Apple, did not give many details regarding what the hardware features that will even though he did not say when it will be officially presented by what he said did not seem to missing a lot. Everything indicates that the rumors that aim to October are real.

Something that did confirm that will be related to the phone is that Sharp will be part of the companies that manufactured on any of the hardware components of the iPhone 5.

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