Behind the scenes of Rio + 20

Indians arriving in Rio 20+

Indians arriving in Rio to give a document to world leaders

Unsurprisingly, without modification, Friday will be the final document adopted at the opening of the UN conference on the environment.

Special correspondent in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)The Rio +20 summit ends Friday. The text of 49 pages presented Wednesday to the 191 world leaders adopted. There has been much ink, raised a lot of hope and generated huge disappointments. Proponents of green growth better guided did not convince those who think that in times of crisis, nobody is willing to make concessions and to help the weak. Impossible to reconcile the irreconcilable. The diplomatic fiasco was averted by the Brazilians . The agreement, said by its critics as a minimum, shall enter into force.

Disappointed, Francois Hollande left Rio judging commitments “insufficient”.Thursday, the second day of the summit, non-governmental organizations have chosen to express their anger. During the day, the rumor ran that they could even leave the summit. They have been content to denounce also the weakness of the final document and yell “disaster” as Daniel Mittler of Greenpeace. chose to take stock through those who have marked the week.Men and women who made about them and how they can move the lines.

Brittany, a high school student to shake the world leaders

Brittany Trilford, high school student from New Zealand for 17 years, at the podium Wednesday.
Brittany Trilford, high school student from New Zealand for 17 years, at the podium Wednesday.Photo credits: EVARISTO SA / AFP

Wednesday was a time when the 191 delegations arrived in the big room full of UN summit. Brittany Trilford, long blonde hair, high school student from New Zealand for 17 years, launched a crystalline voice but already assured an alarm to shake the world leaders. She wants to push awareness and asks them “to fight against a world in danger,” draw “a future worthy of the name to his generation.” “I am here on behalf of those who die of hunger, those who cry because they have no future. I represent the world’s children, that is to say half the planet. ”

Like her, 20 years ago, Severn Suzuki, a young Canadian of 12 years had intervened at the Earth Summit. About the same simple, poignant, and realistic … relatively little effect . Not enough to reassure Brittany that would like to see in 20 years, no child is forced to recall again the adult reason.

The Maldives, a paradise for fish and sharks

Emotion also with President of the Maldives, Mohamed Waheed, who launched the forum a strong appeal to the international community, for “the right to survive” the 1199 islands (200 inhabited) in the Indian Ocean that comprises its countries, one of the most affected by global warming as the highest point of the islands does not exceed three meters and many experts agree that the Maldives could be gradually swallowed.

President Mohamed Waheed chose Rio to announce that his country would within five years “the first to be transformed into a marine reserve, the largest in the world.”

In this reserve, fishing will be “sustainable and environmentally friendly, excluding technical destroying the biosphere,” he hammered by denouncing the fishing industry. “The Maldives is already a sanctuary for sharks, turtles and many species of fish in the Indian Ocean, he finally recalled. Trade in these species is prohibited. ”

Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh wants to equip the sunlamps

In Rio, the unsinkable Muhammad Yunus, the “spiritual father” of microcredit, has shown almost confident about the future: “The younger generations are very different from those that preceded them. They want to contribute to radical change. We are here to give them that chance. Help them, encourage them, inspire them, it is more important than the words or official documents. ”

Muhammad Yunus was the guest of the French pavilion, where he presented the new social business Grameen Schneider newly created by the French company Schneider Electric and Grameen Shakti. The partners intend to equip 200,000 families in Bangladesh sunlamps by 2013.

Amazon forest sold on eBay for $ 1.50

Nothing beats the bold initiatives to advance the debate and talk about what annoys. The British NGO Movement for Global Development has offered for sale on e-bay the Amazon rainforest, the Sumatran tiger, the oceans and many lakes. The operation was quickly stopped by the site of online auctions.But the Amazon forest has been auctioned for a whopping … $ 1.50.

“By selling natural sites, we denounce the British point of view which means that the intrinsic value of ecosystems can be quantified, one can possess them, and finally speculate on the sale to one who has the most money,” Kirsty Wright blasted, the Movement for Global Development.

Bows and arrows to change the world

Tens of thousands of people marched in Rio.Helicopters flying over the city, the police are monitoring the slightest misstep, soldiers are stationed in number on all roads that give the Conference, congestion chokes the city. The lazy river was turned on for three days. Wednesday, however, a colorful parade of several thousand people (20,000 to 50,000 depending on whether one takes the demonstrators or the police) has combined a number of environmentalists, activists, black, gay, associations of women and especially of the Indians held richly colored and feathered headdresses gigantic. Some even wear bows and arrows.

Enough to arouse in the Brazilian press and the corridors of the summit debated a little confusing, well off the green economy and lack of water on the planet: an arc is it a dangerous weapon? Can we tolerate that the Indians armed manifest even if it is to save the Amazon rainforest?

Anthropologists called in to argue the strength of the symbol, respect for indigenous customs and traditions. They believe that there is nothing surprising here, nor aggressive, or dangerous behavior of these tribes.Clearly, the Rio police do not necessarily see things the same way and see little taste of archery in crowded public transport in the city …

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