U.S. and Israel Developed a Complex Virus “Flame” against Iran Nuclear Ability

U.S. and Israel jointly developed a sophisticated virus ‘Flame’, which collected information to sabotage the ability of Iran to develop nuclear weapons, Western officials said the U.S. newspaper “The Washington Post.” The company Internet security Karspersky late May found the virus, designed to collect and submit sensitive information on computers in Iran, Middle East and even USA.

Us Israel flame virus

Karspersky revealed that the “Flame” is the most complex spyware was discovered and operating at least five years, so has warned that similar weapons can be broken. Few days later came to light that those responsible for developing the virus collaborated in the creation of “Stuxnet” computer systems that attacked Iran in 2011. Security researchers found strong evidence to confirm this collaboration. The viruses were developed by two different teams, who shared some of the code in the early stages of creation.

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