Microsoft Surface Tablet, A Suicidal Decision or Historical Accuracy?

Microsoft Surface tablet anti ipad

Microsoft’s decision to enter a device itself (Microsoft Surface Tablet) in the business of the tablets is giving a lot of talk. And it makes sense, because what the company said Steve Ballmer in Los Angeles on Monday is not simply to market more of a tablet, and there are many, and all are presented as the anti iPad, the undisputed king of this business and therefore the team to beat. It happens that, after the announcement of Microsoft, cook more. The software giant quintessential changes strategy and starts to make hardware. And not just any hardware (the company had produced mice, keyboards, consoles, music players and smartphones), but tablets. That is, computers.

Big words if one considers that such action could mean that Microsoft chooses to fight melee with its closest partners, PC makers, they have always bought their licenses Windows to create their computers. The magic formula that brought him success at Microsoft in the era dominated by the PC. “The measure is a vote of no confidence to their partners, who should feel slighted and even challenged,” claimed after the announcement Jan Dawson, an analyst at research firm Ovum.

However, this apparent slap at HP, Acer, Dell, Lenovo or Toshiba, which could be interpreted as a suicide by Microsoft if finally things are not going well in the new business, not just for some software giant’s partners who see the move an attempt by the inventor of Windows to push PC makers to launch more tablets with Windows 8.

Although most of these manufacturers want to maintain silence even well before analyzing the significance of the news-some as Acer has already spoken. As recorded by Cnet, the Taiwanese company’s founder, Stan Shih, said that “Microsoft has no real intention of selling its own brand tablets.”In his view, the software giant has developed this new strategy as a way “to encourage” device manufacturers like her. “Microsoft has no reason to sell the hardware, since it is less profitable than software licenses. So, once it reaches the intended purpose, Microsoft will not offer more models,” added Shih, who also believes that manufacturers devices will benefit from the initiative of Microsoft, said the publication Digitimes Taipei.

Dell also has sent an official to Cnet, stating that “Microsoft is an important partner” for them, “and expect to deliver a series of tablets with Windows 8, and other products later this fall.”

With all this, Microsoft seems to have made it very clear his intentions, given the different interpretations.While for some the company will become another ogre, like Apple, for PC makers to other Surface could be a catalyst to promote the development of new and innovative tablets by traditional handset manufacturers. Those who believe the latter, moreover, are convinced that Microsoft will be able to compete with the Surface of truth with the iPad and tablets with Google Android. In short, get people to know the strengths of Windows 8 and is raised to buy a tablet with this operating system, which would open the door of this software to other manufacturers. A strategy similar to that displayed by Google when it launched its first smartphone Nexus. The seeker always maintained he did not intend to compete with mobile manufacturers but was able to prove how Android in that market. Something that proved to be true (according to some analysts because it failed to large sales in the online shop set up for the launch), but now with the purchase of Motorola’s situation may change. In the industry assumes that Google will soon release its own tablet, and some of its partners such as Samsung Android want to focus on developing their software to differentiate, as recognized by the new CEO of Samsung Electronics, Kwon Oh-hyun .

But back to Microsoft, the question remains in the air is whether Microsoft is cannibalizing its own market of sale software (because of course the company would have significant advantages to adjust the pricing of its licenses to other manufacturers of tablets, as stated the BBC) or if the software giant is holding an intelligent offensive designed to compete in the tablet market. Likely to know the right answer will have to wait. But what seems clear is that Microsoft has gotten the message that needs to take a decisive step if it wants to stay in the background in the post-PC.

Ballmer’s company controls more than 90% of the desktop PC market, compared to Apple, which has a 6%, but in the mobile world (smartphones tablets), the company Apple and Google does not let up. In addition, moreover, data from the market analysis firm ComScore show that the number of mobile Internet users will surpass that of PC users in early 2014. So it’s hard to stay standing with this prediction.

Missing relevant details

Microsoft has not done so. Reacted, we will see if in time, but Morgan Stanley said a couple of weeks away Ballmer’s company to second place on Android tablets between now and 2013. At the moment, and waiting for key details that still need to know, like price, battery life and the date of marketing, Microsoft’s tablet has enchanted many experts, has highlighted how carefully the details. They refer to the fact that the two models announced are made with a magnesium alloy, wear a kind of support they can be integrated stand on the table and will be launched with an apparent comfortable sliding keyboard, hidden in the case of the tablets.

Is, then, a strong opponent of Surface iPad? Will Microsoft be a major slice of the 79,000 million dollars this year to move the tablet market, according to DisplaySearch? Everything indicates that he can do (and it will force PC makers to introduce a healthy dose of wit and quality in their own models if they want to pass out), but not have it easy. Many others have tried, such as HP and RIM, without success. Now we just need to convince Microsoft developers to create compelling applications for Windows 8 tablets with windows 8 for phone also and achieve the success achieved with the Xbox, we remember you took time.

3 responses to “Microsoft Surface Tablet, A Suicidal Decision or Historical Accuracy?

  1. In my opinion this step made by Microsoft is a historical accuracy and really a great choice in terms of picking a gadget that they will create. Upon seeing the microsoft surface reviews, When launched I will choose the pro version because of its 3rd generation ivybridge processor and good thing is that will light in terms of battery usage.

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