“Guchol” Typhoon Hit Eastern Japan Last Night, Bring Death and Destruction

In Japan, as a result of the impact of a powerful typhoon “Guchol” One person died and 14 were wounded. Another Japanese man was missing.

Guchol Typhoon in eastern  japan

The elements covered the central and north-eastern Japan last night. Now the wind speed reached 40 meters per second. It is expected that during the day the typhoon will lose strength and become a low pressure area.

In the south-west of the country flooded about 100 homes. Nearly 300,000 buildings were left without electricity after power lines break. In stores were more than 180 trains.According to RBC , due to bad weather at the airports of the country was a mass cancellation of flights, all at the moment set aside more than 430 local and 40 international flights. Authorities count the elements caused the damage.

In the disaster zone are about 150 thousand people, which the authorities began to evacuate. Many spent the night in public halls, for fear of flooding. Victim of a typhoon was 53-year-old resident of Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture. A man died under the rubble of destroyed houses. In Yamanashi Prefecture 16-year-old schoolgirl was carried spilled as a result of torrential rains and the river is missing, send ” Vesti.ru . ”

Who is coming to Japan is another typhoon “Talim” notes MTRK “Peace . ” While he was raging in the East China Sea.

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