Microsoft Launched Surface Tablet, its Own Brand New Tablet PC with Windows 8

Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows 8

Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows 8 to be Launched this Year

A few days after the conclusion of WWDC developer conference by Apple (which have seen their new operating systems , IOS 6 and Mountain Lion) and held a week of Google (which is expected to see the light of the low-cost tablet signature), Microsoft surprised yesterday with an event in Los Angeles in which he presented his first own-brand tablet with Windows 8 .

Microsoft ‘Surface’ Tablet is the vanguard of Redmond for its new operating system. This is a team, “conceived, designed and programmed entirely by employees of Microsoft “will try to act as a PC, which was introduced yesterday by Steve Ballmer himself as something that will” both for work and play. ”

In principle, release two tablet models, one with Windows RT and one with Windows 8 , ie a first prepared for the ARM architecture and one that will work with Intel processors. The first tablet weighs 676 grams and will be 9.3 mm thick, while the second will have 903 grams and 13.5 mm wide. The model with Windows 8will have a more powerful battery, up to 128 GB (up to 64 GB up to the other version) and connections as micro SDXC, USB 3.0 and Mini DisplayPort video. The screen in both cases is 10.6 inches in size and ClearType HD Display.

Microsoft has sought to differentiate by design with the introduction of the tablet. Surface touch pad includes a thin 3 mm has been called ‘Touch Cover’ , and also allows the realization of gestures using a trackpad.Besides keyboard, it is also a cover that protects the tablet and which is fixed to magnetically screen.

The housing of Surface is constructed with VaporMg addition, a magnesium-based material that allows to form a rigid structure from liquid metal, and has PVD finish. Within it is an arm called ‘Kickstand’ which serves to hold the tablet up.

What Microsoft missed yesterday was both the product launch date and prices of both in the market. Surface is expected to start selling this fall, before the Christmas season. As for the price, Microsoft has not done too well tonot even suggest a range of costs. Following the launch of Kindle Fire late last year, the price factor has become important in this segment. In Google learned their lesson and within days could start selling its low-cost tablet.

Nor is there information on how to connect the Surface with other products or platform of the company.

With this release, the traditional software maker Microsoft also delves into the creation of hardware. In this area, the company Ballmer has had highly successful experiences, such as your Xbox 360, but also fruitless. It is enough to remind the Zune player.

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