Google Points to Spain as Top Country that Demands Political Censorship

The Data Protection Agency responds that advocates on behalf of a “fundamental right”.

Google censorship Policy

Google yesterday released government data requests to delete data or provide information to users, a trend that the company described as “worrying”. In a blog entry signed by Dorothy Chou , an analyst with Google’s policy is said to require them to remove “political speeches” which is “alarming, not only because freedom of speech is in danger, but because some of these requests come from countries that did not fit the suspect, the Western democracies, not usually associated with censorship. ”

Next, Dorothy Chou refers to Spain, whose “legislators” asked Google to remove 270 search results that referred to blogs “in which characters are discussed in public life.” Google, according to Chou, refused to accept this demand, as, for example, a public institution in Poland calling remove links to a place that was critical.

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) , author of the requests to Google, responded by saying that does not act slipstream of legislators or judges, but as “independent body that protects the fundamental right to privacy of citizens.”

In the field of rejected claims, Google analyst mentioned a local police agency of the United States who asked to remove a blog from which, they felt, one of its officials was defamed.

Google also rejected withdrawing 1,400 YouTube videos that according to law enforcement agencies were “insulting”, although according to Chou themselves were eliminated four accounts totaling 300 videos and in which there was “harassment.” From the U.S., Google claims to have received 218 requests to remove search results “defamatory”, of which only 25% of cases the request was accepted. In general, these requirements are doubled in the second half of 2011 relative to the first half of the year.

Other countries, however, Google is much more accommodating to the governments when asked to submit data on their customers. In the first half of 2011, 93% responded favorably to requests from the U.S., which means that data delivered 5,950 of the 6,321 customers on which the requested government institutions.

After the United States, the countries most requested user data Google were India (2,207 requests), Brazil (1615), UK (1455), Germany (1,426) and France (1404).

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