‘Diablo III’ Update: Blizzard Launches Auction House with Real Money

Blizzard today activated the auction house for real money in Diablo III. From now on, players can buy and sell virtual items for virtual currency or using real money.

Diablo 3 Real Money Auction

Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House in Action – Getty Images

The auction house real money is only available for the region where is located the player. For European players, who play with a character created on a server in America or Asia can not access the service purchase.The under 18 can not use real money transactions.

Blizzard already said earlier this week that those wishing to operate in the auction house using the balance of Battle.net or your PayPal account should increase the security of your account by adding a Battle.net Authenticator or activating mobile alerts.

For now, you can only trade on the auction house equipment for the characters. Blizzard also said that the raw materials incorporated later, they ensure proper operation.

Diablo III is available for PC and Mac OS X since 15 May this year. On his first day in stores sold 3.5 million units . The requirement to be online to play even the single player mode has been overloading the servers so Blizzard apologized , but  what has not offered any compensation.

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