Vatican City Issue – The “loophole” of the Vatican Bank

The Vatican considers “ugly and inaccurate” the leak of a psychiatric report on her ex-banker

Around the former president of the Vatican Bank (IOR) strange things keep happening from his withering dismissal last May 24 by a vote of censure by the Board. The first anomalous was the record of his home last June 5 and kidnapping of its documents on the IOR by prosecutors in Naples and Rome, which provoked a harsh protest from the Vatican to which Italy has not yet response.

vatican bank loophole

The second fact is anomalous that the Institute for Religious Works (IOR) is a real “loophole” of documents that discredit serious so its former president. The Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi , called on Monday for “disgusting and wrong” filtration to an Italian newspaper a pseudo psychiatric report that warns the director general of the IOR,Paolo Cipriani , has long faced Gotti Tedeschi – of alleged “psychopathological disorders” and “pathological behaviors” of the now former president of the bank.

The psychiatrist’s report incredible Lasalvia Pietro , in charge of prevention “work stress” among bank employees, is based solely on a past time with President Ettore Gotti Tedeschi on the occasion of snack and toast before the Christmas holidays 2011.

Lasalvia himself mentions in his letter to the director general of the IOR-written three months later, on March 18, 2012, in full operation to remove the president, who “had never known until then” Christmas cocktail. Yet sent in writing to the CEO a damning report against the bank’s president, considering it necessary “for the health of the IOR and the health of each of its members, including the president.”

Along with the strange letter, in which Pietro Lasalvia letterhead as well as “surgeon” can read “psychotherapist” and “hypnotherapist” – the Italian newspaper also published the explosive letters from two members of the board of the IOR-both previously delivered as a copy in hand to inform the Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the impending vote to impeach Gotti Tedeschi.

A psychiatric report warning course of conduct “pathological” of former bank president

Vice President Ronaldo Hermann Schmitz, Deutsche Bank, wrote on May 22 to Bertone that “as you well know, in the Council meeting of May 24 IOR is planned filing of a motion of no confidence over President Gotti Tedeschi “and expressed” confidence that His Eminence immediately end the mandate “, warning that otherwise he will resign at the end of May.

The letter from the American Carl Anderson , supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, Cardinal Bertone ends as follows: “I assure you, at the proposal of Vice President Ronaldo Schmitz will vote ‘no confidence’ in Mr Gotti Tedeschi at the meeting of Supervisory Council May 24, 2012. In doing so I think that I will support the correct decision of His Eminence and his leadership on this  vatican leaks issue (…) “.

The publication of three letters, especially that of the psychiatrist who diagnosed three months later based on a conversation over a cocktail causes damage human and professional strong former bank president, who now keeps his silence.

At the same time, the letters bring to light the role of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to cease operation of the banker. Most of the leaks of “moles” seem to want to harm the secretary of state.In this latest installment is more difficult to know against whom they are addressed.

Paralysis at the Vatican

In any case, excessive attention to the Vatican Bank, in particular, the drama that has been waged at the top, takes space seriously and most importantly prolonged Vatican: the activity and guidance of the Pope.

While not completely clear the identity of the “moles” and responsibility for the leaks, the Vatican will not recover the calm necessary for normal work and govern.

The first phase of questioning the pope’s butler, Paolo Gabriele , concluded last Wednesday and, according to Vatican spokesman, “his resume is not imminent,” as researchers focus on the analysis of confidential documents found in his home and explore other clues that lead to accomplices or other “moles”.

According to Father Federico Lombardi, the sense of “somewhat slower” in research is due “to the judiciary (the prosecutor and the judge) is proceeding with great detail, taking one step after another in all seriousness.” In his opinion, “at this point is already clear that the idea that the defendant is a “scapegoat” does not correspond to reality. We have found solid and now want to discover the potential liability of other persons. ”

The lawyers’ Paoletto “arrested on May 23, have asked to be granted probation , but the Single Judge, Piero Antonio Bonnet , has not yet provided any decision.

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