iOS 6 is Apple’s New Weapon against Android and Windows

Apple introduces new version of its mobile operating system, IOS 6 , which is to regain lost ground by iPhone over its rivals: Android and Windows Phone

Apple does not want to get back in front of the new smartphones with Android and Windows Phone. His answer, announced at WWDC 2012, to the movements of giants like Samsung Galaxy SIII has been a new version of IOS , tells us CNN

apple new ios 6

One point which is focused more on improving ‘Siri’ , the voice recognition application.From now speak Spanish , and will include new features. For example, improved its search for restaurants ‘Yelp’ and increased database that allows ‘Siri’ understand more complex questions. In addition, applications can now be opened only with the voice.

A new feature that certainly more than a thanks is to “do not disturb” , which prevents play on screen notifications, when this mode is activated.

The telephone number and ID of Apple, will be connected, so that depending on the device you’re using, we will respond with the iPhone or the iPhone.

Known for days that Apple intended to dispense with the maps of Google , and confirmed.From now on, use your own based on Open Street Maps

It also announces the function ‘Flyover’ , which allow the user to traverse city bird’s eye view in high definition and 3D.

The new iPhone OS 6 will be available next fall , perhaps accompanying the output iPhone 5

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