Vatican City Leaks Overflow and Reopen the Hidden Mysteries & Truth

The new revelations provide clues to the whereabouts of a 15 year old girl who disappeared in 1983. The butler of the Pope may have acted as a double agent.

vatican city leaks

Paolo Gabriele with Pope Benedict XVI

Two weeks after the arrest of Paolo Gabriele, the Vatican still does not explain when, why and who stole the secret correspondence steward of the Pope. As a result, journalists began to look on your own and what begins to emerge, in the midst of uncontrollable bleeding leaks, is a bottomless hole of interconnected scandals.

A “mole” that before his arrest was a double agent. A 15 year old girl missing for three decades and whose track now turns to point to an alleged pedophile bishop. And God’s banker disgraced and hounded into disgrace for a group of cardinals furious. Interconnection is a small 40-hectare state ruled by men whose function, in theory, is to manage the affairs of God on Earth.

Gabriele Paolo still in detention, although this is a matter of faith. No one knows for sure what rights attend the butler, if he actually or else if he did assisted by counsel, if reached some agreement with your company that is both their state, police and judge. So much so that the lawyers spokesman Gabriele is also the Pope’s spokesman, Federico Lombardi, a man, usually of few words.

Therefore, all that is known of the filter is stopped filtering, despite the redundancy. And, according to latest figures, Paolo Gabriele, the traitor, the “mole” would have acted during the last months of double agent.

After he discovered his betrayal, the Vatican Gendarmerie would have agreed with him to identify his cronies. Only this would explain the fact that Gabriele, 46, married with three children, retained in his apartment in the Vatican City three boxes full of secret documents.

In the last days before his arrest, the butler would have continued leaking letters of Benedict XVI, but under the supervision of Domenico Giani, the superpolicía in front of the Gendarmerie. In exchange for his cooperation, Gabriele would have obtained the promise of a papal pardon the not too distant and commitment that your family can continue living in Via Porta Angelica, sheltered from the Vatican wall.

Mysterious disappearance. In that same building’s mother lives Emanuela Orlandi, the girl who disappeared in 1983 next to the Basilica of St. Apollinaris. I was only 15. His father was a Vatican official and always there was speculation that his disappearance was behind international terrorism, the Turk Ali Agca had attempted two years ago on John Paul II, or the always murky accounts of the Vatican.

In recent days, and in light of the leaks, the girl’s trail leads back to the Vatican. New clues lead to Boston, to an address of an alleged pedophile cardinal.

Emanuela’s mother, who crosses the hall to the butler’s wife, Benedict is begging me to tell what he knows. But the Pope is silent. Deserved his silence last week a Boo part of the people gathered in St. Peter’s Square. An event ever.

The official explanation of what happens is confined to the three data provided Tuesday by Lombardi, Vatican spokesman. Butler began formal statement. The charge is “aggravated theft”, which may entail a penalty of up to eight years imprisonment. According to Vatican law, the “protective custody” can be kept for 50 days renewable to another 50.

The spokesman, how could it be otherwise, he said that everything is secret. All, of course, less is filtered.

Reactions. The Vatican, in addition to the scene of a fierce power struggle among the cardinals, is an issuer of secret documents, a hemorrhage of scandals the Vatican fails to stop.

The first reaction, house brand, was silence. The second, in the voice of the Pope quoting Jesus, showed indifference: “The rain fell, rivers overflowed, the winds blew and fell upon that house, it fell not: for it was founded on the rock.”

The third reaction, more earthly, was the Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. On Monday night he called for an interviewer of the RAI and the answers written on paper, gave his version: “Attacks always existed, even in the time of Paul VI, but now appear to be more fierce, hurtful and organized. ” He did not say by whom.

Bertone had words of affection for Benedict XVI, although in practice the firm has served to distance the Vatican to the major contributors to the Pope. Especially those whose role was to shed light on the Vatican’s dirty money.

The third issue brings us back to the present, although present as dark as the past. Only days after being dismissed by the Vatican, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, God’s banker, supports a persecution in which many believe to see the long arm of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone righteous. One issue that deserves a separate chapter.

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