Apple Wants to Avoid the Release of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the U.S.

Apple gives no quarter to their opponents. The company Apple has filed a lawsuit against Samsung to keep the brand new Galaxy S III of the South Korean firm, which has achieved great success in Europe, it debuts in the U.S.. It has also asked the International Trade Commission United States (ITC) to ban the sale of all of the Taiwanese HTC smartphones. In both cases, the manufacturer of the iPhone and the iPad claims to have been a violation of its patents.

apple sues samsung

In the case of Samsung, the largest mobile phone maker in the world after beating Nokia, Apple argues that the new South Korean mobile firm violates two of its patents. One of them refers to the so-called contextual menus that open to give the user choose from several options to choose which application to open certain link or file.

Despite the demand for Apple, and pending the decision of the courts, Samsung has said it continues with plans to launch its flagship terminal in the U.S. market, which is scheduled for June 21. In fact, operators like AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint are already preparing to start selling it, and no U.S. media say that nine million people have already booked one of the Galaxy S III. No wonder, since this terminal Korean company achieved something that seemed just within reach of Apple.Achieved in Europe, which launched last month to a queue in a shop in the hours before these were opened.

Samsung said through a note that Apple’s request unfounded and said it will use every weapon at its disposal to oppose the demands of the U.S. company.

Both companies have been involved in dozens of patent disputes and design plagiarism. Now, this new demand for Apple seems to demonstrate that the talks between the heads of the company Apple and Samsung to close a settlement to end this war court have not had the expected success. An agreement would seek to avoid confrontation in court on July 30.

But Samsung is not the only one who faces allegations of Apple. The creator of the iPhone also has asked the International Trade Commission United States prohibiting the sale of all smartphones from HTC, for says infringe its patents.

Serious consequences for HTC

In nothing has earned the Taiwanese manufacturer, now in the stock market has fallen by 7% after cutting its revenue forecasts for the second quarter by 13.3%, mainly due to low sales in Europe, has indicated that at least their One terminal X and Evo 4G LTE and prevented such violation, which itself had acknowledged ITC. Pending U.S. authorities decide what, different analysts predict that if Apple gets its way, the consequences could be severe HTC.

In this sense, the publication All Things Digital, owned by The Wall Street Journal, explained that among the reasons given by the Taiwanese to cut their forecasts are the delays that the company is experiencing in bringing their devices to the U.S..

HTC makes less

The fifth of the world smartphone maker, HTC, suffered stiff competition from Samsung and Apple. The company had expected revenue of 2,500 million euros for the second quarter and has reduced by 100 million. He blamed the macroeconomic problems and greater competition in the U.S. and Europe.

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