U Wii Update: Nintendo Reveals New Details of U Wii

Nintendo U wii new look

It’s called Electronic Entertainment Expo , but since 1995 is known as E3.The largest fair in the world game, which begins Tuesday in Los Angeles, looking for new audiences and make machines out of the crisis to a sector that has almost always lived good times. Now the challenge is not inside but outside: social networks and mobile phones.

To avoid getting lost in the tumult of the fair itself, the big firms make their announcements before the curtain rises for the exhibitors. Monday they will Sony and Microsoft, but from Nintendo Japan  have been advanced that, through its president Satoru Iwata has revealed more details of how the Wii will be U, to be presented here in a couple of days. Input will be larger than the first prototype to give more surface to the controls.Touching the screen will turn the TV off and even change the channel.And, better late than never, announces the entry into the game onlineand social Miiverse, an area in which Sony and especially Microsoft, it is much better. Miiverse be compatible with mobile phones and browsers and, of course, with the handheld 3DS.

The E3 is the third event in Los Angeles, behind only the Academy Awards ceremonies and the Grammys. The organizers, the Association of Software Makers of America (ESA) boast figures: American fans spend more than 22,000 million in software and hardware for video games. 24% of purchases of software are already digital, leaving more than 5,000 million euros in profits. Contrary to common belief, the average age of the player is not a teenager but approaches the quarantine (37 years).

Although the report has its nuances, the buyer’s age is 41, ie parents.This explains that the range of securities suits increasingly different audiences, but also to make the game look the preferred choice for family entertainment, a reef that exploit well known Nintendo games for years with their rote of Brain Training.

Contrary to common belief, the average age of the player is not ateenager but approaches the quarantine (37 years)

In the eighties and nineties video games were not a girl thing. Yes were present, but as creatures whose honor a gentleman had to defend or rescue again and again. If not, just ask Mario, who has over two decades snatching Peach and Daisy, again and again, from the evil clutches of the Koopa.Lara Croft, star of Tom Raider, marked a before and after. Not only was a sexy figure, but another model girl, active, athletic and able to make their own decisions.

From there you can see that in the U.S. on 42% of the players, according to ESA, are women. The report sees this growing sector. Besides the already known SingStar to sing in Play Station and Wii Fit to get in shape, Microsoft will present the third installment of Dance Central, the dance game, and a system of exercises that reveal Kinect this afternoon (for the morning in Los Angeles) during the opening conference.

Despite this optimism, the sector faces several threats, very significant for the console makers, but perhaps not for developers. 50% of those who declare themselves as consumers of video games also practice from the mobile. In February 2011 the CEO of Electronic Arts gave a serious wake-up call. Your company receives more revenue from sales to tablets for computers and consoles, classic stands.

Apple, in the minds of all but absent from the show, is who benefits most from this phenomenon with its iPhone and iPad, does anyone think it is coincidence that counted with representatives from Epic Games Namco and in the presentation of new iPad or hold meetings with the press to show his future creations? Only addictive Angry Birds generate more benefits than many studies with large productions. Microsoft, just in case, as has been done with another classic of the tablets, Fruit Ninja, in his catalog of Kinecta, its motion sensor.

The three companies, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, which set the course of the game at E3 will not be alone on the contrary, more and more the fair opens to development studies

Nintendo has reported losses for the first time in its history. Sony is in the process of restructuring to be a more united, less divisive, while Microsoft, the leader in the U.S., the last non-Japanese competitor in a world where he arrived 10 years ago, struggles to take the throne of Europe.

In Spain there is no clear leader or openly offer custom figures. The struggle is between Nintendo, whose Wii hoary, with a low price is selling significantly, Sony has a legion of fans since the first console of the Japanese firm and a large video store, and Microsoft, Xbox 360, a machine that commitment to go beyond the game and become the entry point to digital content, as is the case Yomvi to see Digital +, applications, and when unveil the project called Woodstock, but music.

At this fair, Microsoft has your hook with Halo 4, five years after the last release. Master Chief will have something for both Julia Roberts and Megan Fox are declared unconditional. This character, which made them conquer the video game world when it was considered a done deal from Japan to the rest of the world, again. Much is expected of multiplayer. In this line there will be a surprise fourth Gears of War, although the third installment in the series supposedly closed.

During this appointment, Windows 8 will have its share of attention. For the first time as will not only know your gaming system, but also the integration into the ecosystem Xbox Windows Phone, the mobile giant’s Redmond, with its console, computers and tablets. The question remains whether it will give a preview of a future Xbox 720 or confirm a price drop of the current model (about 100 euros) in exchange for maintaining a subscription to its online gaming service for two years.

Sony laptop with Vita a few months on the market, should show titles attractive enough to encourage the sale of the device at a time to attract developers. As with Microsoft, the public expects you to confirm or disprove a possible next-generation console for the home, is called PlayStation 4 or not. So far, they have dropped the motion controller, Move, will begin to be used in augmented reality titles. The conference, which will be followed live commentary in Spanish, as well as Microsoft and Nintendo, through Meristation is scheduled for Monday morning to Tuesday Spanish.

The three companies, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, which set the course of the game will not be alone at E3. On the contrary, every time you open it fair to development studies. They have realized that Electronic Arts is the leader, both prominent social games, with the sizzling Sims and Star Wars The New Republic at the head, for its sports simulators, with FIFA as the flagship in Europe, and the sagas action adventure as Mass Effect.

Ubisoft, a French company, will give more information on its announced Assassin’s Creed adventure that will develop during the American Revolution.

Warner has two veins coming out of its film studios, with a brand and recognition that allow them to exploit them in different formats and platforms: Batman and Harry Potter. Both are as pop culture icons with titles in both child dye true artistic creations as is the case Arkham City.

Disney has followed this path. Phineas and Pherb are already stars of interactive, like the Pirates of the Caribbean for Lego or any of his classics adapted for Kinect from virtual tours to theme parks to the various titles of Toy Story and Cars .

Rockstar is something like the equivalent of Apple in the world ofsoftware for entertainment, not attending trade shows but he knows how to generate noise. Following the launch of Max Payne 3 a few weeks ago, the expectation rests on a century icon, Grand Theft Auto, as controversial as violent and groundbreaking. In the fifth installment, scheduled for spring 2012, is expected to reinvent a genre that handle like no other, the open-world: a city, transportation, weapons  to bore , shops, bars, shops, scenery, clothes … Everything can mix and explore in almost infinite combinations.

Many offers in an increasingly fragmented and sliding rapidly toward the mobile Internet world. The most interesting of this year’s E3, which begins tomorrow Tuesday will be how they adapt to the monsters of the conditions provided flexible and versatile player today.

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