Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II (2) Leads Thousand boats on the Thames

Queen Elizabeth Leads 1000 boats

The monarch of 84 years yesterday presided over an unusual parade in London to celebrate his 60 years on the throne.

Accompanied by more than one million people thronged the banks of the River Thames, Queen Elizabeth II today hosted a spectacular and historic parade of a thousand ships to commemorate its 60 years on the throne.

Despite the rain and winter temperatures, Londoners took to the streets to witness the greatest show in the country’s naval past 350 years, which represented the highlight of the four-day celebrations of Diamond Jubilee.

The parade down the Thames in a thousand gondolas, sailboats, trawlers, military ships, boats and pleasure craft intended to commemorate the great events of the past river immortalized by Canaletto in the eighteenth century.

A demonstration of the grandeur and pomp of the royal family’s most famous world that enjoys this time of historic levels of popularity, thanks to the support and the sympathy generated by Isabel II, 86, the only monarch who know the Most Britons.

The queen, dressed in white to contrast with the blue and red of the British flag, crossed the Thames with her family in a boat, facing the wrong time not eased despite popular enthusiasm and which repeatedly exhibited his smile .

A seven-mile river journey in which Elizabeth II had to be covered with a shawl and which did not sit at any time even though on the cover of Spirit of Chartwell, adorned with 10 thousand flowers of the royal gardens, had installed two thrones covered by a golden canopy.

Isabel II was accompanied in the boat by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge, William and Catherine Smiley, who brought a touch of color in the red costume with a set Alexander McQueen with matching hat.

The buildings on the edge of the Thames joined the party: the National Theatre staged a scene from his work with War Horse, the Queen, lover of horses, and sounded especially enjoyed the music of James Bond as he passed the seat British secret service.

After completing his tour of over an hour and a half, Elizabeth II saw the rest of the three-hour parade from the deck of your boat next to Tower Bridge, which opened for the occasion.

The final touch is put the London Philharmonic Orchestra and its chorus from a boat, driving rain performed the anthem “God Save the Queen” and a fireworks display launched from the Tower Bridge, shortly before the return to close.

The historic fluvial procession, which has brought more boats in the world by the Guinness Book of Records, was somewhat marred by rain that initially gave a truce, but intensified as the hours passed.

It was an event meticulously prepared for two years, organizational complexity, especially from the point of view of safety and which cost 12 million pounds (14.8 million). An amount raised through private donations although the cost of security deployment, including 20 sea rescue boats, was provided by the public purse.

Especially laborious was the transformation of Spirit of Chartwell, a pleasure boat normally used for tourists, but adapted and decorated in red, gold and purple craft style of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to the voyages of the royal family.

In addition to Windsor, 20 thousand people traveled on the ships, including politicians and entertainment figures and sports in the UK.

From the northern highlands of Scotland to Belfast, to the conservative southern counties of England, the British flags covered the streets to greet the queen.

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