The Journalist Romeo Langlois Aveyron expected to Land in France this Morning

romeo langlois Freed

VIDEOS – Released Wednesday by the FARC after a month of detention in Colombia, France 24 journalist Romeo Langlois now intends to return to work in France. Moreover, it is announced in Paris this morning on a flight from Bogota, on a regular Air France. Before leaving the capital of Colombia, the journalist said it had received the guerrillas a letter to President Francois Hollande, appealing to “friendly countries” to help a “negotiated solution” to the Colombian conflict. The letter also contains “public apology” for the FARC have called the journalist a “prisoner of war.”

The return of the Aveyron with his family – his family lives in Villefranche-de-Rouergue – perhaps a response to the reflection that he had begun to conduct prior to his detention. “In recent months, I began to think of returning to France. I began to live a little between France and Colombia, “said the journalist yesterday on France 24. “Curiously, I was trying to start my return to the old continent. I think it will gradually become clearer, but I’m not gone yet, I have great friends here, I have a life, an apartment … “. The journalist said that the experience of his captivity was “not at all decisive” in this choice, the result of long reflection.

“Pretty soon, I realized that it was politicized. The proximity of the French presidential elections has probably not played in my favor, “also said yesterday in Bogota Romeo Langlois about his detention.” What the FARC want, this is advertising. It is show that they are still there, contrary to what the press says, they fight and inflict losses every day to Colombian forces. Very quickly, they said there was a good stunt to do. I wrote many things in a notebook about what I went through the head, people I met, situations that I experienced. ”

But there is at least one person in Colombia that the release of Romeo Langlois is not welcomed, it is Alvaro Uribe. For the former Colombian president (2002-2010), architect of the fight against the guerrillas, the French journalist is a liar who has only promote the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). “Romeo Langlois completed its summer camp with the FARC. Now he will officiate as spokesman for the terrorist organization “, also mocked Miguel Fierro, president of a foundation anti-FARC.

Seven hostages in the world

Seven French are held hostage abroad. An eighth could expand the list. It is a French employee of the International Committee of the Red Cross could have been kidnapped in Yemen 21 April. The Quai d’Orsay has confirmed his death, but not removal. In Somalia, an agent of the DGSE (intelligence inside), presented under the name of Denis Allex, has been detained since July 14, 2009. In Niger, French four are held by Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) since September 2010. In Mali, two French geologists were abducted on the night of 23 to 24 November 2011.

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