Kaspersky: A Digital Security Company identifies new Cyber Threat

Kaspersky found flame malware

Display showing alterations caused by Worm.Win32.Flame in a computer system.

The digital security company Kaspersky identified a malicious program (malware) whose complexity and functionality “beyond all known cyber threats so far.” malware known as Worm.Win32 .

Flame was discovered by Kaspersky Lab, a research driven by the specialized agency of the United Nations Information and Communication Technology (ITU, for its acronym in English). explained that the malicious code appears to be designed for cyber espionage, and which has the ability to steal valuable information, including computer screen or stored files, contact information and audio chats.addition to activating the computer microphone to record conversations that take place near the equipment and even use Bluetooth function to explore other nearby equipment.

He said the stolen information is sent to a server network command and control located in different parts of the world. The security company said in a statement that the “flame” or Worm.Win32. Flame “is capable of replication over a LAN using various methods, including the vulnerability itself and the USB infection method exploited by Stuxnet.

The Russian company specifies that the program has been active since 2010 in private and public systems Middle East and North Africa, particularly in Iran, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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