Facebook is Trying to Create Its Own Smartphone

Facebook smartphone

Facebook is working on a smartphone is a story that has been mentioned a while. For months rumors heated up about what Facebook could be developing a smartphone for the masses with all functions integrated into the Facebook social operating system. And although the rumor is dragged from 2010 it appears that the project was put aside by all the problems involved in creating your own hardware and operating system, although at that time, even in 2011 it was noted that HTC could be responsible for creating hardware.

The rumor, now comes from the Los Angeles Times and the industry seems to believe that this is happening, Facebook is developing its own smartphone with the help of former Apple engineers .

Facebook has been attracting talent to its campus in Menlo Park in San Francisco, hiring up to six former Apple engineers who were in the iPhone development as has bits of the LA Times.

Why Facebook wanted to have your Smartphone?

Motives by which Facebook would make a smartphone? They do not lack. One of the most important is that there are many millions of people every day are connected to Facebook from your mobile or from mobile web page to interact with friends. When we are in a world where the number of phones often exceed the number of inhabitants of a country where mobile internet connections are getting cheaper, probably added to many already existing social network users is not something to despise .

Another reason is no doubt that Facebook applications for any operating system is not good. This is so, the apps are not very stable, although Facebook has made efforts to make them easier to use are still a bit chaotic with so many options within the same application. So they have launched several separate applications like Facebook Camera  or Messenger.

Google has bought Motorola and even if it is said that the main reason is patent not be surprised that Motorola has priority to launch handsets with the latest version of Android, and unfortunately for some, with much more presence of Google + Android to be a product of Google. For Facebook that one of the most popular operating systems in the world use other social networking by default, is not very interesting.

Do not forget that Facebook is now a company with a lot of money, with a recent IPO and a serious enough power to dominate the Internet. Although it may look like a strange move, not so much after seeing Google release its own operating system.

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