Rule in Favor of Google in its Patent Dispute with Oracle for the Use of Java in Android

  • The jury found that Google did not infringe patents held computer language Java, Oracle.
  • In total, Oracle presented seven claims against Google at the beginning of the trial and it was victorious in six of the cases ..

A federal court in California ruled Wednesday in favor of Google in the long legal dispute it has with the Oracle technology regarding the use of Java in developing the operating system Android for mobile devices, according to technology blog CNET .

The jury felt Google does not infringe patents of computer language Java in possession of Oracle, a company that sued the company for the popular Internet search engine to understand that the software Android violated their intellectual property. The jury’s verdict today is a victory not only for Google if not for the entire Android ecosystem Oracle had claimed before Judge William Alsup of Federal District Court in Northern California, $ 2,600 million in compensation. “The jury’s verdict today is a victory not only for Google but to the entire Android ecosystem, “Google said in a statement after learning of the decision.

google oracle java dispute

File – In this April 18, 2012 file photo, Google CEO Larry Page walks into a federal building in San Francisco. A Federal jury in San Francisco reached an impasse on a key issue in Oracle’s copyright-infringement case against Google, handing the database-software company a major setback on Monday, May, 7, 2012. The jury has already spent more than 25 hours in deliberations after hearing two weeks of evidence that included testimony from both Page and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, file)

In total, Oracle filed seven claims against Google at the beginning of the trial. Google emerged victorious in six of these cases , including the latest patents and was challenged only by an infringement of copyright of Oracle technology. In early May, the jury found that Google had committed some irregularities in the use of the structure , sequence and organization of Java but are not agreed on whether it exceeded the maximum set by the so-called fair use doctrine that allows limited ownership of copyrighted works. The trial is now pending the judge Alsup was ruling regarding the possible financial compensation that Google had to pay Oracle, if it deems it necessary compensation. Oracle said that, despite the verdicts, filed with the court “overwhelming evidence that Google knew that fragment and Java damage “ in its development of Android and showed their willingness to continue to protect that technology.

The Java programming language was acquired by Oracle months before reporting to Google after buying the company that created Sun Microsystems. Since its release in 2008 , Android has become the operating system for mobile devices spread throughout the world.

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