Earthquake Hits Italy Resulted Seven of People Killed & 50 injured till Yet; Report

A total of seven people have died, 50 injured and 3,000 have been evacuated because of the earthquake of six degrees on the Richter scale yesterday shook northern Italy and its subsequent aftershocks.

Earthquake in Italy

L’Aquila, The Dome of Santa Maria del Suffragio, destroyed by the April 6 earthquake

Police have added in the last hour death toll to Ehsemann Gabi, a German national, and Anna Firs, who died in Bologna and Ferrara , respectively, for earthquake-related diseases.

old tower in Finale Emilia

The old tower is seen collapsed after an earthquake in Finale Emilia May 20, 2012. A strong earthquake rocked a large swathe of northern Italy early on Sunday.

So far identified were Nicola Cavicchi, 35 years old, Leonardo Ansaloni, 51, and Gerardo is Cesaro, 59, three industrial workers who have died in San Augustine, Nerina Balboni, 103 years, who died for a blow to the head in that municipality, and Tarik Naouch, 29, another factory worker who has died at the Bridge of Bondeno.

To this we must add 50 people and injuries of varying degrees 2500 3,000 evacuees and 500 Modena, Ferrara, according to figures from the Civil Protection.

In addition, the earthquake has caused damage “considerable” cultural heritage, as reported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in a statement. “We are organizing special equipment to perform a more precise study in cooperation with the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection,” he said.

Local authorities have requested the Government to declare a state of emergency .According to Italian media, the Council of Ministers made this declaration in its first week’s meeting, scheduled for Tuesday.

Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti , has moved its condolences to the families of the deceased and expressed his “closeness” to the rest of earthquake victims, claiming that the Government will respond “promptly” to the emergency has been declared in the north.

Monti, located in Chicago to attend the NATO summit, announced that only participate in the initial phase of it and on Monday returned to Italy by the earthquake and bombing on Saturday in Brindisi, which has claimed the life of a teenager.

Meanwhile, the president of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, has expressed “its deep appreciation to those who are participating in the rescue and emergency management.”

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