Annual Solar Eclipse Takes Place in Tokyo between Clouds and Lots of Excitement

At 0730 local time today (22.30 GMT Sunday) Tokyo hosted on a partly cloudy day, an annular solar eclipse that generated great excitement and made many Japanese out into the street to avoid missing the phenomenon.

solar eclipse tokyo

The eclipse could be seen in much of the country, and was followed in the main cities of central and east coast of the archipelago, on a gray day that made his viewing could only be done in short intervals.

In the capital, largest city in the world from which today could see the phenomenon, groups of fans gathered two hours before some of the main viewpoints of the city.

In the Mori Tower, located in an area of the capital known as Roppongi Hills, hundreds of people filled gradually from 05 am (20.00 GMT Sunday) the heliport of the massive building, located on the ground 54 to about 270 meters high, and turned the occasion into a makeshift observatory.

At the height of the tower, parents with children, couples, and families workers wearing special glasses, filters, cameras, telescopes away their sight from heaven not to miss the slow journey of two hours until the moon covered the sun to into a ring light.

The excitement of the audience grew to the height at which the eclipse reached 94 percent, and was announced with megaphones and celebrated with a countdown to loud applause and wonder of the participants.

“It was very exciting to see the moon covering the sun went into a ring. That was incredible,” said Efe visibly moved Ayumi, a Nippon mother who would not miss the eclipse from the heliport accompanied by her daughter.

The two braved the cold bleak heights and so early not to miss the first solar eclipse can be seen in the capital since 173 years ago: “It was worth getting up so early, but it was a shame he has not done a good day with less clouds, “lamented Ayumi.

During the last week, many department stores and small stores filled their shelves with Japan glasses, filters, or books on astronomy to give people all the tools necessary to not damage the hearing and allow the correct view of the eclipse.

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