Rebekah Brooks,The Right Hand of Murdoch will be Charged. ‎

Rebekah Brooks would have appeared on the cover of News of the World newspaper on Sunday if the director was not closed last summer by the scandal of illegal wiretapping. It is for this crime that the prosecution yesterday announced the allocation of three counts of obstruction of justice that was also CEO of News International (NI), owned by Rupert Murdoch, after considering that there is sufficient evidence of his guilt and of her husband, Charlie.

rebekah brooks prosecuted

Brooks called a “witch hunt” open judicial process against him. CARL COURT AFP

Specifically, Brooks is accused of conspiring to obstruct justice between 6 and 19 July, 2011 to try to hide material to detectives of the Metropolitan Police in London. One of the three counts is “hiding out and the police with material from seven boxes of files from NI”

The trial opened yesterday will be followed closely in Downing Street, as Brooks happen to be personal friends of prime minister, David Cameron, to the extent that the opposition suspects that there was favoritism by the premier and his government in the operation where NI intended gain total shares channel BSkyB satellite television.

Brooks was for years one of the most influential journalists in the UK, close to the government, whether Labour’s Prime Minister Tony Blair or Cameron Tory (not with Gordon Brown), was director of the defunct News of the World during a time which took place thousands of illegal wiretapping phones, so close to Murdoch was regarded as his right hand.

That judgment was made after eighteen months of police investigation called Operation encompassed in Weeting for illegal wiretapping. Forty other people, arrested and placed on probation, are waiting to know whether they will in turn charged, including Andy Coulson, who was also a director of News of the World and later director of communications for Cameron, until they cease in January 2011.

The counsel for the prosecution, Alison Levitt said yesterday that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute and convict Rebekah and her husband Charlie and four other people, Secretary of the journalist, Cheryl Carter, the security chief NI Mark Hanna, a driver for Brooks, Paul Edwards, and NI security adviser, Daryl Jorsling. The six will appear before the court of Westminster in London on June 13 and, if found guilty, it is normal that the sentence does not exceed ten months in prison.

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