Giant Asteroid Cuno 4183 Will Approach the Earth on 20 May’12

Giant Asteroid 4183 Cuno (1959M) with an estimated diameter between 3.5 and 7.8 km approaching the Earth and will have its closest approach on 20 May.

Giant Asteroid 4183 Cuno

A Picture of Giant Asteroid 4183 Cuno in Space by NASA

According to Programme International Near-Earth Objects NEO, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, NASA, May 20 is expected to Cuno asteroid reaches a distance of 0.14 AU from Earth a speed of 14.3 km / s.

Considering that 1 AU is the distance Earth-Sun and is 150 million km, Cone will be on 21 million km from Earth .

The asteroid was discovered on June 5, 1959 by astronomers Cuno Hoffmeister and Bloemfontein , and since then know their repeated approaches to our planet.

On  March 18, 2012 recorded its closest approach to Venus at a speed of 17.5 km / s.

On December 22, 2000  approached the Earth at a distance similar to the 20 of May, ie 0.14 AU.

In 1998 we visited to 0.2 AU and on 3 February 1987 to 0.22 AU, while closer to 0.13 AU was conducted on January 14, 1976 Venus.

Cuno is the Near Earth Object (NEO its acronym in English), larger in the vicinity of our planet in recent months. It is the type of Apollo asteroids that just describes this newspaper approaches, making them be studied and monitored for potential risks.

Demonstration of 4183 Cuno earth strike

Demonstration of 4183 Cuno earth strike by Tempo UNiversity

The name Apollo -like object corresponds to the first discovered April 24, 1932 by Karl Reinmurth, according to astronomy.

Another giant will NEO on 21 June, the asteroid 308 242 (“005 GO21) of about 3 km in diameter to 0.04 AU, equivalent to 6 million miles.

In the coming days, the closer will the asteroid 2010 KK37 that just 19 to 43 meters in diameter and a speed of 10.9 km / s will reach a distance of 0.0058 AU, ie 870 000 km This equivalent to 2.3 times the distance between the Moon and Earth.

According to some astronomers to within 3.5 moon, a celestial body is most at risk of being affected by the gravity of Earth and the moon and change its trajectory. Still, it is not uncommon to pass between an asteroid and Earth.

2 responses to “Giant Asteroid Cuno 4183 Will Approach the Earth on 20 May’12

  1. At 20 may 4183 cuno’s distance to earth is 0.122 au. It travels 14.4km/s. This would mean it will take about 15 days to reach earth when its path would be altered. This won’t happen 🙂 , but 4183 cuno is linked to the 60-orionid meteor stream. On january 18th 2000 fireballs were seen related to the Tagish Lake Meteor. This was around 25 days after its closest approach in december 2009. That date 4183 cuno was further away from earth than it’ll be on may 20th 2012.

    Who knows we’re in for a double show with the Venus Occultation on june 5th 🙂 .

    Some funny online coincidences:
    – 4183 Cuno is a very important space object in Fenspace. An online shared-world project. Fenspace’ creator calls 4183 cuno the The Blue Thunder of the Inner System
    – 4183 Cuno is also a 60 page print on demand book published on 11-11-11.

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