Did you (without you too spoiler) that New York takes a hell of a slap in The Avengers? A specialist firm has calculated the damage “proved” in the film, and IRL they would cost $ 160 billion … This is the first news of the day. HUGE is not it? The other news of the day is most unusual. Highly anticipated Avengers has attracted millions of viewers , all fans of heroic characters and humor.Yes but now you can not please everyone. The unhappy? The leaders of the U.S. Army. His spokesman, Phil Strub, even announced the collaboration with Marvel Films might even be interrupted on the grounds that the blockbuster trailer supercharged is not realistic enough.

Avengers damage would cost 160 $billion

The damage wreaked in the Movie “Avengers” happened would Cost a $160bn repair bill.

Having been very conciliatory towards the production of The Avengers, by lending them equipment and military vehicles, the U.S. military did not think the film would be a rather negative image of the organization: ” We can not reconcile fantasy of this organization and the role the army plays . ” He added: ” We (…) we decided that we could no longer work on this film because it was coming to a point where it no longer made sense “said the spokesman.

For those who have seen the movie, remember the decision of Nick Fury, leader of the unofficial organization grouping superhero (SHIELD), concerning the nuclear attack on Manatthan: he disobeyed his superiors. Behavior completely contrary to the spirit of the army, which calls into question the collaboration between Hollywood and the U.S. Army.

In this new ad size to add the statement of Mark Ruffalo, who plays the character of Hulk at the premiere of the film. The actor had said then that The Avengers was a metaphor for the current U.S. situation . For him, she had to move from egocentric leader . An opinion not shared by all the leaders of the U.S. military, of course!

So what is certain is that the duel in Battleship The Avengers VS The U.S. Navy prefers a thousand times the film with gorgeous Rihanna . If it is even less realistic than the comic book adaptation, this film is certainly more in line with the values of the U.S. Army. It is therefore expected that for future issues of The Avengers , Marvel Films is a bit more flexible …

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