Time Magazine Opens the Debate on Breastfeeding with its Latest Cover on Friday, 12 May’12

Time magazine has reopened the debate on breastfeeding in the U.S. after posting on the cover of its latest edition a picture of a mother breastfeeding her three year old son with a blunt headline: “Are enough mother?”.

“Yes, I knew exactly what we were going to get,” said today the star of the cover, Jamie Lynne Grumet, in an interview with NBC in which he reiterated that continues to breastfeed her son, Aram, about to turn four years.

Jamie Lynne Grumet Time Magzine Cover

Jamie Lynne Grumet on Time Magazine’s Latest Cover

Grumet said he knew that the image of the cover would awaken feelings and giving way to a heated debate on the subject, and even acknowledged that some supporters of breastfeeding are “disgusted”.

In the interview that accompanies the images in Time, Grumet, a California woman, 26, says that if her mother breastfed until six years and has happy memories of that experience.

“It’s very tender. It is as if hugging your mother. You feel comforted, kept and very much loved. As a child she had a great esteem and I know that’s why. Never felt I was going to leave me. Felt that security,” explained the woman.

Thus, Grumet said he wanted to pose for the magazine to generate a debate and there is greater acceptance of the importance of breastfeeding, and leave no arguments to those who claim that breastfeeding in public is indecent.

The magazine put the talk of what experts call “attachment parenting” from feeding to old age to sleep with children in the same bed, which according to its proponents allows mothers and children establish strong emotional bonds .

Proponents believe that a positive effect on child development, which helps them gain self-esteem and enhance their personality, according to Professor Bill Sears, one of its main promoters, which also appears in the magazine.

The controversy moved almost immediately to social networks, where today they multiplied the positions for and against a practice, breastfeeding, which has been much debated.

Actress Mayim Bialik was one of the first famous faces to show their support for extended breastfeeding and said in his Facebook page that she was impressed by the marvelous history of Grumet and his son.

However, others such as actress Alyssa Milano felt that the cover of Times is “explosive and extreme” and that publishers were wrong to pretend to make it easier for mothers to breastfeed in public.

The controversy raised by Time about breastfeeding in addition to that caused by a few weeks ago some images in which the Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone appeared passing feeding her baby food from his own mouth.

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