Why Obama Backs Gay Marriage, Finally Coming Out on Same Sex Marriage

He finally came out of the closet. Wednesday, Barack Obama declared himself in favor of marriage between persons of the same sex. “It’s important for me to go ahead and say that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry,” said ABC News President of the United States. However, he stressed he was expressing a personal opinion here. But for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, “the tide has turned. (…) Before, it was not much to be [gay marriage], now, it’s not good to be against. ”

Obama on gay marriage

Obama Debate on Gay Marriage

A divisive issue
remain responsible states to legislate on the issue [six out of fifty states have adopted gay marriage], but, as Michael Bloomberg, “no American president has supported a major expansion of civil rights that n ‘has not been subsequently adopted by the American people. And for me there is no doubt, this case is no exception. “Still, in this country crossed by currents very conservative, the gay issue is very divisive: 50% of Americans are for, against 48% who declare against *.
At six months of the presidential election, Barack Obama did took a risk by posting his opinion on the issue? Not really. Among his supporters, there is probably little opposition to the union of gay couples. However, according to the Washington Post, in the Democratic camp, a donor to his campaign in six homosexual.

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