Kabul Attacks – Afghan Forces Put an End to Attacks by Insurgents in Kabul Commands

Afghan officials said today that on Sunday launched coordinated attacks by the Taliban in Kabul have been completed and that all involved have insurgents killed by security forces.

“All the attackers were killed, the fight is over,” the spokesman told Efe Afghan Interior Sediqui Sediq.

According to his version, in the last hours security forces have killed the last two insurgents who resisted, barricaded behind a Star-Hotel Kabul near the diplomatic area, and the other in the Afghan Parliament.

The attacks began at noon on Sunday by three commands insurgents in Kabul, but also saw action in the cities of Jalalabad and Gardez Puli Alam, as part of what the Taliban call their spring offensive.

taliban attacks im kabul

The Taliban fired several embassies, a database of foreign troops and Afghan government buildings, including the national parliament.

“No one underestimates the severity of these attacks, and we will work with relish to determine their causes,” he said last night the military comm

kabul attacks by taliban

ander of the NATO mission in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, in a press release.

According to Afghan officials said last night, 19 insurgents had been killed so far in the operations of regular forces to repel the attackers, while there are 28 wounded civilians and 14 policemen -14.

Today, Sediqui recognized that there are at least two policemen dead and ten wounded, but later referred to a press conference during the day to detail the facts and the death toll more accurately. EFE

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