North Korea Rocket Launch Causes U.S. Cancellation of its Food Aid

Washington punished the regime of Kim Jong-un after the failed attempt made on Friday. “They’ve been trying to launch missiles” said Barack  Obama from Colombia

North Korea rocket launch

A Guard Standing on the North Korea Rocket Launch Platform

The U.S. president made clear what he thinks of the North Korean practices with words in which he dedicated reviews of all kinds: “It is important that we know have been trying to launch rockets like this for a decade and  not seems to be really good at it, “ he said after arriving in Colombia, where he attends the Summit of the Americas held in Cartagena these days.

“But obviously, is a matter of great concern, “ he said in an interview with the chain Telemundo .

According to Obama,  the pressure will continue , and isolation “until they take a different path.” The U.S. president has also that the North Korean regime spent millions of dollars on rockets “that do not work”  while the population  of the country ” starving “.

Upon the release of North Korean long-range rocket ‘Unha-3’, scheduled to orbit weather satellite ‘Kwangyongsong-3’, said “it is an area of great concern and a clear  “violation of Security Council resolutions ” .

United States had pledged to send 240. 000 tonnes of food aid to North Korea in exchange for North Korean regime’s commitment to establish a moratorium on its uranium enrichment activities, as well as nuclear tests and missile launches reaching.

On 28 March, after Pyongyang confirmed its intention to launch the rocket,Washington ordered the suspension of the agreement, which the Obama administration conditioned to comply with the moratorium.

No portion of food aid is delivered effectively to the regime. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) must decide whether to maintain activated a clause in the agreement which was preparing to send observers to North Korea . As part of the pact, the United States planned to monitor the delivery of aid to keep it from being diverted to the country’s elites or the military.

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