Indonesia’s Earthquake Left Five Dead and One Seriously Injured

The Indosian earthquake of 8.6 magnitude on the Richter scale struck the coast of Aceh province.

earthquake indonesia disaster

The tremors and alarms triggered chaos in Aceh

The earthquake of magnitude 8.6 on the Richter scale occurred on Wednesday off the coast of Aceh province, in western Indonesia,and for several hours caused a tsunami across the Indian Ocean,caused five dead and one seriously injured, said Thursday theDisaster Mitigation Agency of Indonesia.

The authorities of Indonesia and the Pacific Warning Center based in Hawaii, gave notice yesterday of tsunami hazard twice, although these were lifted several hours after the earthquake did not generate any tsunami.

The tremors and alarms triggered chaos in Aceh, the region suffered the worst effects of the tsunami in 2004 that killed some230,000 people from a dozen countries along the Indian Ocean waters.

The earthquakes were noted in Singapore and Bangladesh, and India, Thailand and Malaysia, where authorities said tsunami warnings along the coast closest to the epicenter of the first quake, detected at 431 kilometers southwest of Banda Aceh and 33kilometers deep.

Australian experts say, the horizontal orientation of the tectonic fault prevented the formation of a devastating tsunami as a result of the first earthquake.

The horizontal movement of the faults does not displace large amounts of dirt and rocks, as opposed to vertical movements, which cause large tsunamis like the one that occurred in the end of the last year in Japan and earthquake in turkey.

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