Mac Computers Infected – 600,000 Mac were Infected with Trojan

According to the Russian anti-virus laboratory DrWeb, more than half of Apple computers have been infected with Trojan Flashback.

Employees DrWeb claim that more than half of infected computers, Apple’s located in the United States. Apple has released a later security update, but users who have not yet installed the “patch” is still at risk.

trojan infection

First Trojan Flashback was discovered in September last year when researchers noticed the virus software, posing for updating Flash Player, download the case where the Trojan is run, and cut off part of the security features. Later versions of the malware used weaknesses in the programming language Java, to install malicious code without your permission. The laboratory staff DrWeb believe that once a trojan was installed on the victim’s computer, he sent a message to a server the attacker with a unique number to identify infected machines.

“If the criminals will enter the code, then theoretically they can gain control over the infected user’s computer,” says Boris Sharov, CEO of DrWeb. “Based on the analysis of IP-addresses, we have concluded that most of the bots are in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia. This speaks exclusively English-speaking audience of the virus.”

Interestingly, according to information DrWeb, 274 infected computers are in the U.S. city of Cupertino (Cupertino), which houses the headquarters of the corporation Apple.

The company Oracle, the developer of Java, has released a patch vulnerabilities on February 14, but it is useless on Macs, since Apple manages updates for their computers. As a result, Apple released a security update is appropriate only last Wednesday, after nearly eight weeks after the patch, Oracle.

Another research company F-Secure has published detailed instructions on how to check and remove the Trojan.

The latest incident shows that computers, Apple is not immune. “People used to think that computers are Apple, in contrast to personal computers running Windows, can never be infected, but it’s just a myth,” shared his opinion Tsorev Timur (Timur Tsoriev), an analyst at Kaspersky Lab. At the moment, Apple declined to comment, – according to the portal

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