‘Occupy Wall Street’ is 6 months making Zuccotti Park

Occupy Wall Street protestors

Dozens of arrests in New York for the anniversary of Occupy

More than 200 people have taken this Saturday downtown New York Zuccotti Park to commemorate the six months that have passed since the movement ‘Occupy Wall Street‘ came up. Four people have been arrested after the congregation degenerating into intense clashes between protesters and police. Three officers were injured.

The protest organizers have reported that four people have been arrested, although police have not confirmed those figures. Following the riots, the police have surrounded the Zuccotti park .

Critics of the movement ‘Occupy Wall Street’ claim that the protesters did not have a cause “concrete and specific”, which many activists acknowledge.

Under the umbrella of the wave of uprisings in the Arab world, the ‘Arab Spring’, Zuccotti Park for several months became the epicenter of Occupy in the U.S., where dozens of cities were the scene of mass protests against ‘ establishment ‘and financial markets.

The camping in New York was one of the last to be evicted at the end of November, along with Oakland, whose movement has been most active in the country. Since it began six months ago, Occupy movement activists have focused much of public attention due to the heavy policing of the marches, mass arrests and mass protests that have become popular cut up the Brooklyn Bridge.

Under the motto “One percent of the country has accumulated 99 percent of wealth ‘, the movement began to lose steam as winter came to major U.S. cities and, currently, there is no camping on foot.

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