Venus-Jupiter Conjunction Peaks Thursday, Both Planets will ‘meet’ today

Although take weeks by in the night sky today will be at the point of maximum astronomical alignment.

Dance for a month without worries over our heads. One step up, and down the side. Venus and Jupiter in a dance that reaches its high point today.

Venus and Jupiter come together

Skywatchers around the world snapped photos of Venus and Jupiter coming together for a so-called conjunction in March 2012

The two planets will meet today at almost the same height above the sky (l) although according to the latitude of the observer does not match.

While Venus will be at 30.3 ° above the horizon according to the specialized portal Chris Peat’s Heavens Above, Jupiter will be at 30 ° at 7 pm.

They had not been so bright and flashy for several years and neither will be in several more, as though every 13 months together to dance, not always combine other conditions to arouse much interest.

Thursday is the conjunction, as it is called the phenomenon when two stars are seen from a third party in the same celestial longitude, but in the sky have been around for several weeks.

In fact, for two long weeks the Moon gathered to see them and will do so for a couple of days on 23-24 this month.

Jupiter has been falling in the sky. Until earlier this week, he looked up to Venus, but now appears closer to the horizon.

The two planets Venus and Jupiter are seen from before 7 pm by the West. On Tuesday they were clearly in the Aburrá Valley, given the clear night, until after 8. Both are located in the region of the Aries constellation.

The observation requires no optical aid though, of course, with a pair of binoculars Jupiter (less bright) reveals four of its moons.

With a little more detail will be seen with optical aid that Venus is in crescent phase.

Given the variable weather conditions in the Aburrá, Antioquia and Colombia, if you can not see today may insist for the rest of the month.

From 24 the moon, just a sliver, will join the planets and even then something else will separate the three stars appear while hardly obscure, which provide appropriate skyscape for lovers of photography.

By Sunday 25, over three appreciate the Pleiades (pigeons in Greek) and The Seven Kids, a cluster of stars 450 light years from Earth.


Mike Wall at explains Venus and Jupiter will appear 3.5 degrees apart on Thursday. In comparison, the fist with an outstretched arm covers about 10 degrees.

From tomorrow, after giving the illusion of being together, separated again, but several weeks will be near the western sky after the sun sets. This Friday will appear a little less than 5 degrees.

In the space walk very far. Venus will be today at dusk to 119 million miles from Earth, while Jupiter at 845.4 million miles.

The real separation between the two will be 726.7 million miles, according to the simulator’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Wall said that while Jupiter is 11 times bigger than Venus, this is 8 times as bright as it is much closer to the Sun and Earth.

They are two of the three brightest bodies in the sky (other than the Sun). The other is the Moon, according to the explanation of Tony Flanders in the magazine Sky & Telescope.

The advantage of the phenomenon observed by these days is that Venus is at greatest elongation (maximum separation angle of the sun), so it remains longer visible.

Being so close to the sun, except in this planet is stretching a little while before dawn or at dusk.

During the conjunction no special astronomical observations are made.

We must be careful.

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