The North – SOPA, PIPA and Digital Police

The first digital switch in history who joined thousands of online sites had the desired success. Stopped short two bills on intellectual property protection that are discussed in U.S. Congress which, if sanctioned, would infringe serious damage to the climate of freedom on the internet and technology companies subdue her. The power of global protest, led by Wikipedia, with a 24-hour blackout and Google, with a call for its users to disavow the bills, legislators made hasty halt their march, try to learn more about the use of new technologies and think of a better balance law copyright with the freedom of expression.

SOPA  PIPA Protest

Protestants on SOPA PIPA

The mission is not easy, more in an election year when the pressures are increased and the ring are two heavyweights. In one corner, the powerful entertainment industry, represented by Hollywood, which favors such laws to stop piracy and counterfeiting that have caused loss of millions and jobs and, on the other, the growing knowledge industry, which has Silicon Valley, claims an internet always deregulated, which has served to bring down anti-democratic governments, create millions of jobs and expand world trade.

Although in many ways only see punching, deep down we all agree. Both the government and politicians, as both private industries, believe that U.S. intellectual property must be protected throughout the world as it is already in the country, however, the differences lie in how to do it because the bills SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act), not a good choice. You need to be perfected SOUP and PIPA or replaced.

The State does not delegate to private policing and judge, and that cyberspace remains open without limit or discriminate against content, but each one taking responsibility. Both worlds are not inconsistent.

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